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Is Leicester really a Fairytale?

rsz leicester city fc promotion relegation

Don’t forget that anything can happen by accident. But being an underdog doesn’t change the fact that the Premier League leader is simply playing very good football and not winning by accident. It is also a sign for the English…

There is no fun without fans

rsz football without fans

Simply? Not for everyone. During a match you can always see thousands of supporters enjoying the football game. And the same thing happens every time, the camera zooms in on the club owners face. He has no fun compared to…

One tournament with two Irelands ?

rsz sammy clingan republic ireland v northern 2tpgw4 r5nl

It will be the first time when this countries will both play in The European Championships in football. Nobody knows what they can achieve, but it will be watched by the football fans all around the world. Especially those who…

Similar sports, similar emotions

rsz 3040541 poster p 1 superbowl

The same day when Americans were going crazy during Super Bowl, the Irishmen went to pubs in green T-shirts and caps. I do not know if I will ever understand American football or rugby, but I like how people are…

On the other hand of football

rsz ball football old ragged

The Entire world is waiting for this year’s European Championships in France. Supporters are buying scarves, salesmen are counting money and gamblers are waiting to lose their money. But why exactly, this very simple sport, is so popular ? England…

RWC15 – Quarter Final Schedule and Preview


South Africa v Wales – Saturday October 17th, 16:00 While South Africa is the bookmakers favorite, the Welsh have proved to be resourceful during the group stage, essentially beating England in the last minutes of the game. They have unfortunately been…