There is no fun without fans

Simply? Not for everyone. During a match you can always see thousands of supporters enjoying the football game. And the same thing happens every time, the camera zooms in on the club owners face. He has no fun compared to others and has power to change it.


A few weeks ago the Liverpool owner (Fenway Sports Group) announced that he will raise ticket prices. As it was easy to predict, the fans weren’t happy with this idea. Especially because the prices weren’t cheap earlier and then they raised them from £59 to £77 (top-price) is about a 30 per cent difference.


The city globally known for The Beatles also has a famous supporters group. Even their team has its best days behind, fans anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is always as loud as it is possible. Liverpool players the title contenders each year and they are the only people in the city who don’t believe in it. Their fans don’t deserve such rise in ticket prices. Last weekend as a result supporters decided to leave the stadium before the final whistle. This had to have changed the owner’s decision, but as people in Liverpool say “longer war isn’t over”.


Unfortunately, this is not only the problem of only one club. Last weekend the stadium of VFB Stuttgart changed to the big basket of tennis balls. That’s because of ticket prices that Stuttgart owners prepared for Dortmund guests. They were two times bigger  than normally and this is not fair. “Should the price hikes continue like that, only tennis fans will show up in the stadiums” said Marc Quambusch, a spokesperson for the Kein Zwanni (No to €20) campaign. Finally, the tennis prices provoked people to throw their tennis balls onto the pitch.
These kinds of protests are very popular all over the Europe. Maybe one day the club owners will realise that the fun of fans is more worthy than another Maybach in the garage.



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