The City with Cheapest Beer in The World

Is where I’m studying. That sounds like a very good life, doesn’t it ?

We were celebrating St. Patrick’s day last week and it was not a good time for our wallets. They suffered more than Greece’s economy and penguins on a warm holidays in Athens. What’s worse is that the St. Patrick’s day parade was nothing interesting, streets were too crowded and pubs were completely airless.

So, where should you spend the next alcohol holiday ?

Travel planning site GoEuro has compiled a Beer Price Index with 75 of the most affordable and expensive cities for buying beer. For consistency’s sake, it is based on surveys of hotels – you’re sure to find pub beers even less pricey in these locales, or even in other cities around the world.

Here is the ranking of ten cities where you can buy the cheapest beer :

(all prices are for beers with size of 330 ml, ranking was prepared according to prices which are averages of supermarket’s and bar’s prices)

  1. Cracow – €0.55 averagely in supermarkets and €2.39 in bars
  2. Kiev – €0.86 & €2.09
  3. Bratislava – €1.02 & €1.97
  4. Malaga – €0.56 & €2.48
  5. New Delhi – €1.05 & €2.05
  6. Ho Chi Minh – €0.88 & €2.29
  7. Mexico City – €0.78 & €2.39
  8. Belgrad – €0.53 & €2.96
  9. Asuncion – €0.92 & €2.93
  10. Bangkok – €0.98 & €2.77

Quite better than prices in Dublin …

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