The City Spectacular 2017

The City Spectacular is one of the best events that take place in Dublin every summer. Unfortunately, not many have heard or experienced the event but it is worth the excitement. It was originally named the Street Performance World Championship but unfortunately, it has aged over the years and lost its quality. However, that is not to say that it is insufferable but rather amazing, just not as amazing as before

Originally it was what the name suggested, a near exclusive Street Performance event with a total of six stages within Merrion Square and the best of the best Street Performers from all over the world. Many still remember the Space Cowboy or Mario the Queen of the Circus. This year the Street Performance stages have been reduced to four, but there will be 80 performances (there are repeats!) on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday will be more of a  warm-up event where two stages are open and the performers will perform their show once or twice in preparation for Saturday and Sunday. So if you are not available during the weekend you might consider this a chance to see some shows. The performances have been outstanding in the last few years!


The event will be commencing on Friday 07 July Until Sunday.

Admission is free.

Christie Kandiwa
Christie Kandiwa

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