As one of the twenty first century’s fastest growing movements, veganism entails exceptional moral, health and environmental benefits. In propagating a lifestyle that categorically abstains from the commodification of all sentient beings, the philosophy of veganism is deeply intertwined with animal ethics. Contrary to its conventional perception as highly limited in terms of options, the popularity of the lifestyle has enabled the inception of a range of dietary, sartorial and personal products that are both readily accessible and affordable.

              One’s predominant concern whilst transitioning into a vegan lifestyle is in relation to the availability of food products. A wide range of plant-based milks and yogurt by brands like Alpro are easily available major supermarkets like Lidl, Tesco, Centra and Aldi in and around the city. Some products such as vegan cheese by Violife and vegan mayonnaise by Veganaise that are not as readily obtainable in supermarkets are found in health stores like Nourish. Popular meat alternatives include brands such as Quorn and Linda McCartney which imitate the taste and texture of chicken, sausages and burgers among other dishes. Other plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products could be available on sites like

                A plethora of vegan eateries and restaurants with vegan menus are mushrooming all over the city. Some popular vegetarian restaurants that cater to vegans are Cornucopia, Umi Falafel and Govinda’s. Sova Vegan Butcher on Pleasant’s Street artistically recreates signature meat dishes. Veginity in Eat Yard is popular for its vegan fish and chips. Vegan pizza is available in several outlets, including DiFontaine’s, Zizzi’s, Aperitivo and the Bernard Shaw Pub. The Rolling Donut offers several flavours of vegan donuts and other places that offer desserts are Aperitivo, Zizzi’s and On the Pig’s Back Eatery.

              With veganism rapidly expanding its bounds in the west, there is an increasing demand for cruelty-free products in every sector. With vanity going vegan, an array of cosmetic brands that are ethically tested, organic and environmentally friendly are propping up in the market. Some of the aforementioned are Barry M, Beauty Without Cruelty and Kat Von D. Others that are affordable and offer vegan friendly products are E.L.F and Phb Ethical Beauty. The latter is a family-run business whose products are halal and free from palm oil. A website that contains complete and updated lists of cruelty-free cosmetics is by Ailsha Davey. Cosmetic outlets that stock vegan personal care products are Lush and the Body Shop. In addition to this, salon Skinfull Affairs offers a variety of beauty treatments with vegan products. The textile industry too is expanding in terms of vegan friendly options. Fresh Cuts Clothing in South William Street is a clothes shop that produces sustainable fabrics and functions as per a philosophy that celebrates social responsibility, thereby successfully weaving threads of ethics and glamour in a perfect assortment. 


Sambhavi Sudhakar
Sambhavi Sudhakar

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