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Dublin is not only a city for students and people who would like to go crazy and taste a bit of nightlife. This city is family-friendly as well. So if you just moved to Dublin with your family or in future you are going to bring them to Dublin, this information is certainly for you. Visiting another country and especially moving to one, it’s suppose to be related to get information about culture, habits and tradition. Probably no-one wants to spend an entire day searching for some info on the internet. Perhaps not many people will read thick books about history. There is an alternative for you – tours at a museums. It’s a very good opportunity to spend a wonderful time with your family, while learning about a country you just moved to.

The National Museum of Ireland gives you a chance to improve your knowledge about this green country and teaches your children in a funny and alternative way. The museum has four sections : Archeology, Decorative Arts and History, Country Life and Natural History, each provides specific events which extends your knowledge. On the website on the  “What’s on” page you can find a list of events you might find in each section of the museum.  Let’s see some of them.

First of all the Archeology museum on 22nd of February will entertain your family and you with the “ Viking Family Tour” at 2.30. Have your ever heard about that Dublin was established by The Vikings? The first Vikings showed up in 795 and developed a marvellous culture well-known throughout the entire world. That’s why if you would like to feel like a Viking, see how they lived, how their amusement looked like and crafts look like, this tour is especially for you. Definitely your children will be delighted, playing as  Vikings while learning about their everyday life.

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Who is not a fan of The Harry Potter saga? Every kid loves the story of the  young magician and his adventures. One year ago a spin-off of the Harry Potter was launched “ Fantastic beast and how to find them”. Definitely it was another craze after the Harry Potter books and movies and everyone knows that movie, not only children but also adults. If you miss the magic world, want to feel like a little wizard and at the same time learn about Irish culture, you might like this tour. The Decorative Arts and History goes with the idea to set up the “Fantastic Silver Beast and where to find them”  doesn’t the title sound similar to you? So if your family and you are fond of magic adventure, you should definitely take part in this event. You’re going to find the mystical animals which are hidden in the museum’s galleries. The event is on 23rd of February at 2.30 pm. Youngsters will learn about peculiar, exotic and unfamiliar creatures, which brings them to a mysterious and mystical adventure. You will have a chance to create your own beast, the museum provides the materials.

Naturally all children prefer to spend their free time in an active way. At the Country Life museum your children are going to have a chance to learn how to knit. Perhaps it might sound a bit boring, but don’t worry the museum provides it in very interesting and funny way. So if you would like your children to feel how to live in the past, certainly you should bring them to the museum on 3rd of March at 11 am .

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What is the most popular Irish festival ? Of course St. Patrick’s Day! The museum of Natural History organises St. Patrick’s Festival Treasure Hunt. The event takes place on the beautiful streets of Dublin, so your relatives are going to enjoy a fun urban game while getting know about the world-famous tradition in Ireland. The event takes place on 18th of March. The game includes solving clues which brings you to find an amazing treasure.

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As was mentioned before the museum has a list of events on their website. Certainly you will find something interesting for your family !

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