Halloween Drive-In: 4 of the Best Halloween Movies

It’s the perfect time to do a Halloween Drive-In. This year’s Halloween isn’t going to be like other Halloweens – with COVID-19 and current restrictions, the normal activities such as trick or treating, and fancy-dress parties are going to have to be kept to a minimum. However, FlutterTone, in association with Dublin Concerts, presents a fantastic solution with their Halloween Drive-In. Go to www.fluttertone.com for more information!

Date & Times:

On the 31st October, the Halloween Drive-In sets up for a day of movie madness. The first movie kicks off at 12PM, and the last at 9PM.


The Halloween Drive-In is taking place at the Red Cow Moran Hotel. The address is 22 Naas Rd, Fox-And-Geese, Dublin, D22 YX80.


It is €30 per car, per movie. They accept 5 seater or 7 seater vehicles. There is also a €1.50 booking fee.

What’s playing?

12PM – Monsters, Inc (2001)
Halloween Drive-In
Monsters, Inc.

A classic movie that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike. Sully and Mike are monsters, working at a scare factory. They need the screams of children to fuel their world. But when a child makes it out of her bedroom and into their world, Sully and Mike need to get her back as soon as possible, because there’s nothing that scares a monster more than a child.

3PM – The Addams Family (2019)
Halloween Drive-In
The Addams Family

At 3PM the 2019 version of The Addams Family starts. Meet the spookiest family in town. They live in isolation from the rest of the world due to their macabre nature. However, Wednesday, the daughter begins to long for the outside world, not understanding it won’t accept the likes of her and her family. With an all-star cast doing the voice-acting, this Halloween movie is a must-see.

6PM – Hocus Pocus (1993)

Halloween Drive-InThis 1993 film is a must-watch at Halloween. Something wicked this way comes in this classic Halloween movie. A teenager comes to modern day Salem, and unwittingly unleashes three witches with diabolical intentions. Whether it’s your first time watching, or your tenth, Hocus Pocus will be spellbinding on the big screen.

9PM – Friday the 13th (2009)

Halloween Drive-InThis 2009 flick is the reboot of the original Friday the 13th from 1980. This is a slasher horror film, meaning it’s intended for more mature audiences and follows a group of young adults who visit a campsite, only to be faced with the infamous Jason Voorhees. The perfect amount of creepiness to end your Halloween festivities. 


Tickets can be purchased through this link. Snacks will also be available to purchase on site. The movies will play on an 18 square meter LED screen, and will be raised 6 ft off the ground. Audio for the movies will be sent to each car through an FM radio transmitter and audio from the speakers hanging from the screen will serve as back up

Halloween is bound to look a lot different this year, but a Halloween Drive-In is the perfect solution. These movies provide something for everyone, whether you’re a horror fiend or you just want something funny to laugh along to. FlutterTone founder Colm Slattery expounded on the event’s importance, saying, “Since pandemic-related restrictions hit, we at FlutterTone have double-downed our efforts to support the Dublin music and entertainment scene and the community at large. We feel strongly that events like the Halloween Drive-In Cinema provide much-needed opportunities to safely connect, have a stress-free night out and experience life with some normalcy.”

Sound off below in the comments on what movie you’re most excited to see!


Katy Thornton
Katy Thornton

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