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    Katy is a Creative Writing graduate from UCD who freelance writes and is currently working on her debut novel.


    The Truth About Magdalene Laundries in Ireland

    By Katy Thornton / December 4, 2020

    Do you know the truth about Magdalene Laundries? Ireland has gone from being an extremely conservative and religious country to a slowly, more progressive and open-minded one. In the second half of the 20th Century, and the first half of the 21st Century we have decriminalised homosexuality, divorce, same-sex marriage, and most recently abortion. What […]


    6 Christmas Traditions: Where Did They Originate From

    By Katy Thornton / November 30, 2020

    Everyone has their own Christmas traditions. We all know the story of Christmas – when Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to give birth to baby Jesus, son of God – which makes it a predominantly Christian holiday. However, Christmas has become something entirely different and is celebrated by people all over the […]


    The Life and Literature of Samuel Beckett

    By Katy Thornton / November 26, 2020

    Both the life and literature of Samuel Beckett is fascinating. He is one of the most beloved writers in the Irish literary scene. He had such a profound influence, not only on Irish literature, but literature from around the world, that in Dublin there is a bridge named after him. His most notable works which […]


    Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 Restrictions

    By Katy Thornton / November 23, 2020

    Looking for the best ways to celebrate Christmas with Covid-19 restrictions? With Ireland in a Level 5 Lockdown, it is clear that this year’s Christmas is going to be very different to that of previous years. With the possibility of the country opening up on the 1st December, people are already making plans to celebrate […]


    25 Best Irish Businesses for Christmas Shopping

    By Katy Thornton / November 20, 2020

    More than ever before it is vital that we support our local economy and shop in smaller independent stores this festive season. Below is a list of the best Irish businesses for Christmas shopping, whether you’re looking for housewares, clothing, makeup, books, or toys. These shops are all online, so you can get started with […]


    Doing An Arts Degree: Pros and Cons

    By Katy Thornton / November 16, 2020

    Arts Degrees often get a bad rap. It’s no secret that there are cons to doing an Arts Degree, and yet, they remain extremely popular.  A Bachelor of Arts, or an Arts Degree is essentially a third-level degree in an arts subject. This can be any or a combination of the following: history, sociology, English, […]


    The Importance of Booking Your Smear Test

    By Katy Thornton / November 12, 2020

    Booking your smear test is hugely important, but that’s not to say it isn’t a daunting prospect. In Ireland, at the age of 25, women are invited to have a free smear test done every three years, to screen for cervical cancer, or other potentially harmful cells. It is a quick procedure, but many women […]


    How To Stay Off Your Phone During Lockdown

    By Katy Thornton / November 9, 2020

    It is no easy task trying to stay off your phone. It’s no secret that we’re all addicted to them. The average time people spend on their phones is 3-4 hours a day, according to The Guardian. Considering a lot of people also have to spend 7 hours on a laptop, tablet, or computer in […]


    13 Books That Are Better Than Their Film or TV Adaptation

    By Katy Thornton / November 6, 2020

    Finally, our list of books that are better than their movie and TV counterparts most of the time. Generally, you can’t beat the original version of the story, and what it took to create such a story must be appreciated. This is the last in our adaptation article trilogy, and here are the top books […]

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