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Best Coffee Spots in Dublin City Centre

By Katy Thornton / September 22, 2020

Wondering where the best coffee spots in Dublin City Centre are located? As with every major city, Dublin is filled with Starbucks, Caffe Neros, Costas and other popular coffee chains. However there is a huge selection of smaller coffee spots to get your caffeine fix from that stand out above those chain cafes. It can […]


Best Irish Authors

By Katy Thornton / September 18, 2020

An Irish Author for Everyone I always feel a huge sense of pride when I pick up a book by an Irish author. Our island may be small, but there is an abundance of fantastic authors out there creating enthralling and compelling stories. Whether that be writers who have now since passed, or contemporary authors, […]


Second-hand September: Sustainable Living

By Katy Thornton / September 17, 2020

A Monthly Craze or the New Normal?  Have you ever returned from a shopping spree only to feel deflated as soon as you’ve stamped in your PIN? Do you ever get a sense of regret the second you’ve clicked pay on a fast fashion website? The easier shopping is, the worse we feel. The world […]


Best Coffee Spots in South Dublin

By Katy Thornton / September 15, 2020

Looking for some great coffee spots in South Dublin, but want to avoid going to a popular chain? With the likes of Starbucks and Insomnia popping up on every available corner (with there sometimes being two to a street) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good quality coffee out there. Sometimes it is just easier […]