Hip-Hop Series: Top 4 Rappers in Dublin

Lets face it: Ireland isn’t exactly internationally renowned for its rap and hip hop music. However, that’s not to say the foundation wasn’t laid for success. Since the 80’s, Irish rap has blossomed into a diverse, multi-faceted genre. Its vibes and flows have steadily evolved to reflect the modern Irish experience. Introducing Babylon Radio’s ‘Hip-Hop Series’ – a beginners guide to rap in Ireland, starting with our top 4 rappers from Dublin.

Top 4 Rappers from Dublin: Versatile


There’s no denying the impact the Versatile has had on Ireland’s rap music industry.

With their video ‘Ketamine’ reaching nearly 4 million views on YouTube, the duo has put Irish rap on the global radar cementing their spot on our top 4 list. 

Their 2018 performance at Electric Picnic has been described by the Irish times  as ‘explosive’ meanwhile HotPress credits them with ‘soundtracking a generation’. 

Whether you find them funny or not, Versatile’s controversial satire mixed with some hard-core flexing has established the duo as one of the biggest rap exports in Irish history. 

Recommended tracks: 


We Sell Brown

Top 4 Rappers from Dublin: Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow

In the new age of Irish Rap, it’s impossible to miss Dublin-based rapper/producer Rejjie Snow (a.k.a. Alex Anyaegnunam). 

The Drumcondra-native made it on the map with his first track ‘Dia Dhuit’ under the stage name Lecs Luther in 2011. By 2013, his mixtape ‘Rejovich’ had topped the iTunes hip hop charts.

In 2018 Snow was named ‘Artist of the Year’ by HotPress following the release of his LP ‘Dear Annie’. Sun Ra, Pharrell, and instrumental jazz are all cited as influences for the breakthrough LP.

His style is old school: smooth, soulful and jazzy, with a bit of  70’s funk emphasizing his soul-baring and poetic lyrics.

Recommended Tracks : 


Bye Polar

Top 4 Rappers from Dublin: NUXSENSE


The six-piece rap collective started as a group of secondary school students. Bonded by an immigrant experience and a passion for music,   NUXSENSE has quickly become emblematic of Dublin’s multicultural community.

Its members hail from all over the world: Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe.

The NUXSENSE sound is broad and varies based on artists featured.  Members cite trap, old-school, grime, and soul influences. This punctuated with synth, snare and sampling results in an enthralling and fresh discography. 

With their unique twist on rap, NUXSENSE have earned their spot in our Top 4 rappers from Dublin. 

Recommended Tracks:


REM$ (ANDALE feat. Bogzy) 

Top 4 Rappers from Dublin: NEOMADiC


In the era of flex-based mumble rap, duo NEOMADiC have broken through the mainstream mold.

After the release of ‘The NEOMADiC Tape’ in August of 2017, Dublin-based rappers Dyramid and NoGood were quickly labeled as ‘one to watch’. 

NEOMADiC draw influence from 90’s trip hop music and the likes of Kid Cudi, A Tribe Called Quest, and Kendrick Lamar. However, they set themselves apart with a minimalist flare, and a focus on imagery and introspective reflection. 

The duo opts for hazy, laid-back tracks that mix scratchy sampling and irregular beats resulting in an atmospheric chill. 

Recommended Tracks

Dankrupt (prod. by Kabocha)

Peculiar (prod. By Layze)

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