Irish rapper Craig Cooney releases summer vibes single ‘Better Than This’

New Friday, new music. The Irish rapper Craig Cooney hasn’t given the dust a chance to settle with his last release “Young Forever”. He has now released an amazing feel good upbeat summer song called “Better Than This”. If you’re feeling like your day didn’t get off to a great start, check it out, it will give you a push!

Make no mistake about this Friday 13th, it is a spectacular day for listening to new tracks. Today, we will talk about a brand new hip-hop song by Craig Cooney, a 26 year old songwriter from Kildare. In 2018, the rapper uploaded a freestyle rap video to Facebook which amassed over 187,000 views worldwide. Since then, he has been recording professional music and has performed in the Olympia Theatre alongside Gavin James, Chasing Abbey, Wild Youth and Wyvern Lingo.

Craig has received recognition for his work winning the musicians category in the nationwide “Talent Nation” competition and has recently just come off his first headline show in The Workmans Club in Dublin. The MC has quickly made a name for himself in the music scene with his heartfelt lyrics, unique tone and variety of songs in his catalogue. 

Besides, Cooney has been described as a universal artist that anybody can listen to. Only recently he has been signed to Fluttertone, this means that we can definitely expect to see a lot of upcoming music in the near future from this collaboration. His live performances are truly unique and unmatched. His ability to involve a crowd with his quick fire freestyles have amazed people every time he performs live. He is the type of artist that really takes viewers on a journey during his live sets. The production is unparalleled with Cosmin Cantor and Cormac Kavanagh working tirelessly to get the track to where it is today.

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Now that we know a little more about Cooney, let’s talk about Better Than This. The song is an upbeat, energetic feel good track where Craig raps some great lyrics over a funky modern beat. It has a fantastic uplifting summertime vibe to it. It’s incredibly melodic chorus is sure to strike a chord with the listeners and instantly boost our mood with the perfect amount of Hip-hop/Pop vibes. 

“I want people who listen to it to feel whole, to remember the good times. I wrote this song when I found out my partner was pregnant with my little boy. But no matter how good things get, I want people to push themselves to not just settle for the best that they should strive to have better than the best in life”. 


Throughout the track, a gentle addition of keys are added along with some gentle synths and drums which can be heard. It really makes the song fuller and wider to make it an incredibly enjoyable experience for the listener.  

Macklemore has been a noticeable influence on him, along with Dermot Keneddy and even George Ezra. Craig says, “I feel jazz and blues sounds just sit so well with hip hop, but it really makes for easy listening too. I wouldn’t be a hard rapper, I’d be more a conscious rapper. I want my music to be spoken clearly and enjoyed by those who wouldn’t necessarily listen to hip hop a lot”.

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Personally, my favourite parts of the rap song are the chorus, with all those chilling vibes perfectly combined with the higher voice; but also the end. Check this out, such a powerful final verses. 

Enjoy the moments

Before they close the casket door

Blessed with all I got I swear I’ll never ask for more

Craig is encouraging people to show gratitude, to appreciate the little things, because this is the only way to live happily.

I’m only human though I’ve got goals I can’t ignore 

Humans need goals to survive. A person that doesn’t have short and long term goals is not living with a purpose. And Craig can’t ignore them because he’s fully alive!

“We are only here once after all. I feel a lot of people get stuck in autopilot in life and I want this to be a wholesome song to remind them how grateful they should be and to keep pushing towards whatever it is they want to achieve”, Craig tells me.

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He goes on, “when things are going good, people will usually say ‘it won’t get better than this”. The reason I wrote this song is to show people that we don’t have to settle for less, we have to keep pushing for what we all deserve, which is the best. Life should be enjoyed, we embrace the ups and downs and we grow and we learn, enjoying the journey that shapes us into the people we are today”.

What do you think about the track? Any other song that makes you feel alive? Have a lovely weekend you all!

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