Something On My Mind, the new single of Irish musician Dunluvly

Dunluvly is probably one of the best emerging Irish artists of the moment. After releasing Too Late, he’s back. Something On My Mind is the second release off of Dunluvly’s upcoming EP, “Plethora” and it is so catchy that even your relatives or roommates will want to listen to it just so you shut your mouth up.

This Dublin-based singer/songwriter/producer started playing violin, piano and guitar at a young age. In his teens, he started using production software and songwriting, and he studied music tech at Maynooth University. As a result, the Irish artist is more than prepared at the moment to start blooming. That’s how he released his debut EP in 2018 and became active in the pub circuit. A year later, Dunluvly became a three piece band, and they played a headline show, released three singles, and gigged around Dublin until lockdown. 

Covid-19 has allowed him to improve his talents. Dunluvly has taken advantage of this situation to write, record and release two new tracks that will be part of his second EP, “Plethora”. On Friday, October 30th, the musician shared with his audience Something on my mind, a home made song during lockdown in his own bedroom-studio. 

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Dunluvly’s sound is rooted in psychedelic indie and traditional Irish music. His finger-style guitar and exploration of unorthodox sounds allow him to create a sonically rich experience, while showcasing strong songwriting throughout his work. His emotive vocals and skilful performance on a multitude of instruments create unique textures in his music. 

Dunluvly says, “I wrote the track when I was in the decision making process of trying to move out. I was going a bit mad living at home with my family, and feeling mounting frustration at the impossibility of moving out in the county that I grew up in. The song expresses the agitation of wanting to fly the nest but feeling chained. It felt impossible to work to afford a place to live and also have the time to pursue creative endeavours.” 

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He goes on to say, “The main hook of the track is a looped melody that repeats quite a bit in the song. It mimics being caught in a mental loop and being haunted by the same recurring thoughts.” 

Intense, delicate, powerful and well thought out, in this song, your foot taps with the beats from the beginning. He says, “You hear of songs coming to musicians out of the blue. This is the first time I’ve had a song just appear.”

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Personally, I really identified with the lyrics in terms of the need for freedom and the feeling of not belonging to a place anymore. Who has never thought about running away from your hometown and leaving everything, even more due the current situation? 

Woke by broken alarms

That I heard across the street

The street that’s never been neat

But I guess it has always carried my feet

This track is different from the rest. Listening with earphones, I can imagine myself with eyes closed, letting myself be carried away by Dunluvly’s breezy voice and all of my body moving with a life of its own, combining perfectly with the environment, wherever it may be. Clearly influenced by the amazing Billie Eilish and The XX’s, Dunluvly awaits a long but successful journey. Can’t wait to see that! 

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