Japan heatwave breaks record

Japan has been under in the grip of a heat wave for 23 days. The most famous city in Japan for tourists, Tokyo, has risen to over 40 degree celsius which has broken the highest temperature record in the city. In addition, in Saitama, it has recorded 41.1 degree celsius, which has broken the highest temperature record in Japan ever. The Japanese government and Japan’s disaster management agency urged citizens and tourists to stay in air-conditioned spaces. They also reminded people to drink more water and rest in order to stay moisturized and prevent heat exhaustion.

Strange weather has dominated the news in Japan for a month already. A heatwave killed a dozen people last week who suffered from heat stroke, including a boy who is only six years old, were sent to hospital.

According to a meteorological agency official, people in areas where the temperatures are as high as 35 degrees or higher, should be extremely careful in order to avoid heatstroke.  He also warned that the heat can be dangerous for little children and the elderly even at lower temperatures. It depends on the environment and the activities you are doing outdoor.

Just in this summer in Japan, Kyodo news agency claimed that more than ten thousand people have been sent to hospital due to the heat. The Japan Meteorological Agency said that Saitama has recorded 41.1 degree which has broken the previous high in the western prefecture of Kochi which was only 41 degrees in August 2013.

Normally, July in Tokyo is a sweaty test of endurance, which is like being shrouded in a warm blanket. However, in this year, high daytime temperature with around a humid 35 degrees, is causing an extremely torturous and oppressive feeling to citizens. The whole city is oven-like. Therefore the current heatwave being the hottest on record has raised some concerns about 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Chloe Li
Chloe Li

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