My name is Josh Finnegan and I am a young Meath man with a large taste in a variety of Music. Currently studying Media and Sound Production at Colaiste Dhulaigh, with a Degree in Engineering at TUD. My education is ‘almost’ as broad as my taste in music. From Hip-Hop to Swing Music, there is no certainty of what would be playing on my speaker at home. Growing up in a family with such a strong passion for music, it broadened my horizons in the realm of music which has ultimately shaped me into the person I am today.



Music is such a face paced medium of entertainment it is tough to keep up with all new music, ultimately leaving old music behind. This is where I come in. On Josh’s Monday Evening Oldies, join me every Monday Evening from 8pm-10pm to take you back in time and relive the olden days and hopefully, help broaden your music taste too! You can expect to be toe-tapping to the likes of Frank Sinatra one minute, and putting on your disco shoes to Whitney Houston the next! So be sure to tune in and join me on a trip down memory lane!

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