Make space for the space plans

What is a real fantasy today, can be a usual habit tomorrow. In the sixties everybody expected that in the XXI century we’ll live on Mars or maybe even further. It didn’t happen, but we invented smartphones, self-driving cars and global warming.


If it is not enough for you, it is possible to buy a private outer space tour for around $100.000. Unless you don’t want to sell your house for space views, you can just wait for the public planet connections.


The first person who decided to make space holidays and wasn’t paid by government was Charles D. Walker. For $40.000, he flew all over us. Then everything started to happen faster. Every movie star or other senator wanted to do it. But it had been still the time of Cold War and everything was used to be very serious.


Now you can just visit an internet site of one of the companies like ‘Virgin Group’, ‘SpaceX’ or “Excalibur Almar’ and forget about everyday problems. Actually there are few possibilities to choose. You can fly along Earth orbit or just rise to space and look at the great wall of China (in fact this is a myth). If after this kind of trip somebody will is not excited, there are projects like space tours to places outside our orbit. Prices would probably start on the poor countries GDP value.


At the same time NASA is doing its best to explore the space and conquest the different planets. Without big results, the future is ours. Christopher Columbus hadn’t been expecting that he would find America. He didn’t even realise that he did it.


Now we have just to wait and cheer up with NASA space tours posters. They released them to promote the three possible space tours : ‘The Mars Trip’, ‘The Grand Tour’ (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) and ‘Enceladus’ (Saturn moon).
Maybe one day the space travelling will be something for everybody. While waiting for this moment you can always visit your grandma’s home village.


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