6 fun fashion trends for men this coming spring

  1. Loose fit

Figure-hugging fits have been dominating menswear trends for years. However, baggy clothes reminiscent of 90’s Chandler Bing have made a comeback. Loose cuts are creeping up into mainstream fashion and looks set to continue for many more years to come. Time to swap skinny jeans for a straight leg style. But you just need to know who to create a seamless look. The key is balance. Wearing a tight fitting trouser with a baggy jacket looks disproportionate. So, the trick is to pair similar cuts together that flows from head to toe. This means if your leg-wear is relaxed, your top half should be too.



  1. Utility

Over the years, menswear has integrated function with fashion even more than before. Pockets are aplenty and the biggest names in fashion have played around with materials and technical fabrics. While this is not an old trend, it is one that makes life easier, since it’s functional. But, like all trends, it is never a good idea to deck yourself head to toe in one. Instead, try wearing a few pieces at a time and work them into your current wardrobe. The most obvious choice is your outerwear, like a bomber jacket or maybe try some cargo pants.

Cargo pants from M&M Direct.
  1. Layering knitwear with formalwear

Texture and layering are two of the pillars of advanced dressing, and they’re both integral to one of 2021’s hottest tailoring trends. Suiting worn with knitwear was everywhere over the last while, marking another step in the general loosening up of dress codes across the board. Structured shirts were replaced with turtlenecks, beanies were teamed up with blazers and statement crewnecks lent simple suits a fresh lease of life. It’s more than just a fleeting trend, though. This simple style move looks set to become a staple of modern menswear and is something that exudes the sort of timeless appeal needed to carry it into a new year and beyond.


  1. Textured trainers

Texture always works when added to your wardrobe, and footwear is no exception. Textured trainers are already making inroads into mainstream menswear last year, but in 2021 they’re on track to really blow up. From cord plimsolls to hairy suede runners, tactile fabrics are taking over the sneaker world and we’re all for it. It all started with some corduroy Air Max in 2018, and 2021 will finally be the year we’ll see textured trainers in the mainstream.



  1. Nautical

One of the popular sightings to watch out for men’s fashion trends for 2021 is hints of nautical. The marine notes appeared in a number of designer shows in the form of tops, sweaters, suits, and sailor sweaters. Fashion itself can be some form of escapism, and with Covid-19 curbing our holiday opportunities, you can use some nautical sailor vibes to pretend you’re somewhere tropical.

Striped shirt from Asos.
  1. Minimalist monochrome

As with women’s fashion, monochrome is all the rage. However, for men, you might be more comfortable being a little more minimal with your choices. Maybe a red jacket paired with some red shorts and trainers that have a hint of red. Or if that’s too bold, pastel and earthy hues are the favourite shades for men’s fashion trends for 2021. A monochrome outfit always looks put together and on trend.

Erica Carter
Erica Carter

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