Mexico plane crash: all people on board survived

A passenger plane has crashed in the capital of Mexico’s Durango state,  moments after taking-off. All 103 passengers and crew on board survived in the crash but 97 of them are injured.

Aeromexico’s Flight 2431 was a route from Durango, Mexico, to Mexico City on Tuesday. It went on a rapid descent moments after taking off.

According to a Durango state official, José Rosas Aispuro,  the plane was hit by a gust of wind which caused a sudden descent, leading to a fiery crash that left dozens onboard injured but no fatalities.

“The control tower noticed strong wind currents and this could caused the accident. Its left wing then touched the ground and two engines came off. But most of the passengers were able to walk away before it caught fire. “ the official added.

One of the passengers in the accident, Anabel Estrada, said that it felt like the aircraft had been battling against the heavy rain and wind before it hit the ground twice during the crash. She said, “The second time was a lot stronger than the first one. This is when I jumped and hit my head against the ceiling. After the second impact, I saw flames in the cabin ahead of me.” She added this was a horrible experience to her.

Andres Conesa, the chief executive of Aeromexico felt saddened by the incident, “Our heart is with those affected and their families. We would like to assure everyone that Group Aeromexico offering its support, thoughts and prayers to those affected and their families. We are doing everything in our reach to assist them and their families.”

Chloe Li
Chloe Li

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