NTA opens survey on operation of rickshaws

The National Transport Authority has opened a survey asking members of the public on the possible regulation of rickshaw after safety concerns were raised.

The state body has launched an online survey asking about the operation of rickshaws in Ireland, which could form part of new legislation to regulate the sector.

The mini vehicles, which are often motorised, are a popular form of transportation for Dublin city centre, particularly at nighttime. The survey asks members of the public to share their experience of rickshaws and asks people to suggest “if and how” rickshaw operation might be regulated.

The survey will also ask rickshaw owners about the scale and type of their rental operations, as well as their work experience and methodology.

Deputy CEO of the NTA Hugh Creegan said the information they gather “will bring some clarity to bear on how the relationship with regulatory authorities will be defined into the future”.

There are five sections in the survey:

  • Operator questions (for rickshaw renters)
  • Driver questions (for rickshaw drivers)
  • Passenger questions (for passengers)
  • Regulation questions (only for those who think it should be regulated)
  • Profile questions.

The closing date for submissions is Monday 25 September 2017.

Following the review, the NTA will consider the responses received and formally respond to Minister for Transport Shane Ross, who requested the survey.

If you’d like to give your opinion outside of the NTA’s questionnaire, you can send your take to rickshaws@nationaltransport.ie. The survey can be found here.


Neha Katoch
Neha Katoch

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