Rather Gather Festival

What would you Rather Do? Rather than hanging out with artists and art aficionados in a field?

Rather Gather is a festival run by volunteers of various ethnicities.

Their aim is to send art supplies and instruments to refugees who are no longer able to practice their talents.

It will host four different stages for music as well as art, dance and drama workshops, visual arts displays and circus performances. The music will include bands and various DJs, all working for free.

Music will range from indie rock and folk to ambient, grime, techno and DJ sets.

The event will take place in Sallyfort minifarm Farm in Stradbally Co. Waterford. from April 22-24. Tickets are €25 per day or €50 for the weekend.

It’s a BYOB (Bring your own beer) event.

It is a venue for artists that are open to multicultural interaction to come together and unite. Rather Gather promotes artists that are working or are inspired by a variety of cultures and Nationalities.

They are taking things to another level by encouraging the performers and guests to mingle. The group that organizes this festival has experience working at many festivals.

The organisers thought that there are never enough such gatherings. The small festivals offer a venue for people to connect without the need for wifi or mobile phones. Wellies and tents, art and food facilitate the bond while creating a safe space for artists and non artists to come together; show their talents (and souls) and maybe imagine new collaborations. The Main Stage is going to be dedicated to live music. There will be a DJ stage and a Jamming tent where artists will be broadcast live and guests will be able to Jam along. A dome tent will welcome DJs as well other kinds of performances such as Spoken Word, Storytelling, Theatre, Dance and Circus.

The event will be family friendly. Celebrating amongst other things togetherness, a full moon and international earth day!

For full information see – https://www.facebook.com/rathergather/

Seamus Holland
Seamus Holland


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