Roller skate in Dublin: The Rink at D12

If you want to roller skate in Dublin, The Rink at D12 is the perfect place for a night out with friends. Based in Finches Business Park, this 4,500 square foot roller disco is for every age and level. The Rink also offers lessons for beginners, birthday parties for children and dance and fitness classes. Put a pair of skates, a pair of flare trousers and roll!

Roller skate in dublin and Go back to the 70s/80s

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The Rink created the perfect atmosphere to roller skate. Image by The Rink.

The Rink is situated in Finches Business Park, just off the Longmile Road in Dublin 12. Walking into the Rink at D12 brings you straight back to the 70s/80s. The fully equipped sound system plays the greatest hits from this era, featuring songs like Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, to Queen’s best tracks and even remixes of old disco songs.

The skaters experience a full immersion thanks to the lighting, giving a nightclub atmosphere throughout your session. If your legs start to hurt and you are in the need of a break, you can sit on the comfortable benches surrounding the roller rink.

The Rink is open on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The midweek 90-minute skating sessions cost €10.00 and the 120-minute weekend sessions cost €12.50. Family tickets give access to two adults and two children for €36.00 during midweek and €40.00 during weekend. The roller hire is included in the prices of the tickets. The Rink advises to book your tickets in advance. The place caters for all ages with skates ranging from junior size 8 to a grown-up size 14.

Next to the rink is a diner where you can relax after an intense session of roller disco. The skaters can sit, relax and appreciate some refreshments. The diner offers large slices of pizza, traditional hotdogs, tea, coffee, soft drinks and ice cold blue or red slushies.

Lessons for beginners

Roller skate in Dublin

Image by Jana Bemol.

If you have never skated before or you want to become a top skater, you can take lessons at The Rink.  All participants are put in different grades depending on their skill levels. 

Skating lessons take place every Saturday and are priced at €15/17 per session. They last 45 minutes and you pay for them as you go. If you want to deeply learn about roller skating, The Rink also offers five-week term skating lessons that take place every Wednesday. Unlike the other lessons, only beginner and advanced beginner adults can participate.

If you are not sure about taking lessons, The Rink has some reasons to start roller skating : “Roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, caloric consumption, reduction of body fat, and leg strength development.  In just one hour a person can burn up to 360 calories! Roller skating uses heavier muscles which burn fat faster!  But most importantly roller skating doesn’t feel like a workout!”

Birthday parties

The Rink organises roller skating birthday parties for children over 5 years. Prices are €16 during midweek and €18 during weekends per child. Midweek sessions are 90 minutes and weekend sessions are 120 minutes. The roller skate hire and wrist guards are included in the prices so you won’t have to take any equipment. Kids will be served a large slice of pizza or hot-dog, a 500ml soft drink, water or slushie.

A party booth will be reserved and plates and napkins are included too. The kids can have fun skating and eating without the parents worrying about the organisation. There is no charge for non-skater adults but the ones who skate must pay admission cost. Pre-booking is mandatory for birthday parties and large groups and requires a €50 deposit.

Dance and fitness classes

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Take dance or fitness lessons with Fusion Dance Academy at The Rink .Image via

The Rink is not only the perfect place for roller disco, it holds a large range of dance and fitness classes provided by Fusion Dance Academy. You can learn how to dance in a convivial, fun and energetic atmosphere. Learn to Jive, Salsa or Waltz at adult social classes, improve your muscle tone and flexibility with pole fitness classes, practice ballroom dances with the american smooth classes and improve your cardio with the zumba classes. 

Children also have a wide range of classes to choose from. They can join the Hip-Hop crew, contemporary or acrosport lessons. The drama classes can be a good opportunity to build a kid’s confidence and develop their imagination.

If you want to have fun with your friends, exercise and learn roller skating in a 70s/80s atmosphere, The Rink at D12 is the place to be.

Skate Times

  • Wednesday: 8pm
  • Friday: 6pm, 8pm
  • Saturday, Sunday: 11am, 1.30pm, 4pm


  • The Rink at D12, Finches Industrial Park, Long Mile Rd, Walkinstown, Dublin, D12 P62N, Ireland

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