Get your dancing shoes on: Dublin’s best dance classes

Dance undoubtedly mirrors the people and the traditions of a certain country. If you feel like putting on your lucky shoes and unleashing your wildest moves, take a look at these dance schools in Dublin. Between Salsa, Bachata, Irish Dance, Flamenco and Pizzica, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

January comes for everyone. And who among you hasn’t thought of starting a good diet and getting some exercise to get rid of the pounds? Well, to spice up your choices a bit, don’t only choose the gym. Going to a gym means running 30 minutes on a treadmill, lifting weights for another 20 minutes, then stretching for 10. And repeat. 

No sign of results? Well, it’s about time to change things! You might as well try some dance lessons to sweat away those calories. Not to mention the importance of dancing for so many cultures. And Ireland being full of different international communities, it can offer one the chance to dive into Latin culture, Italian culture or even African tradition, just by moving some hips. After all, who hasn’t seen Dirty Dancing and aimed to have the same sense of rhythm as Patrick Swayze? 

Latin Dances

The world of Latin dance can be somewhat daunting and perplexing. We get it. But somehow is one of the most entertaining dancing genres. From the intricate fast-paced music of Salsa to the sensual and intimate hip motions of Bachata, passing via the intricate footwork and quick spins of Cha-Cha or the festive and fun attitude of Merengue. It is possible to experience these types of Latin dances around Dublin, with classes for everyone’s level, taking the fun part of multiculturalism to another “step”. So whether you are a navigate bachatero or just a novice mambo dancer, here some Latin dance classes in Dublin:


A striding couple, cheek-to-cheek, straight-armed, heads thrown back, clenching a rose in their teeth: these are the best ingredients for a proper Tango experience. The Argentinian community in Ireland is always increasing and for any great Tango passionate, finding a course where to express their interest towards this extremely emotional dance, is a success. Gather round Astor Piazzola’s fans, here some Tango schools where to improve your dancing moves:

African dance

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, be ready for the African dances. Traditionally, it is a combination of dances performed by women and men during celebrations, ceremonies and gatherings making any occasion perfect for dancing. The energetic dance moves are the best transposition to lift up spirits and mind, being able to connect with the surrounding world. From tightly knit units with their arms around one another’s waists for performing simple step rhythms from side to side to the high-jumping dance pattern. This classes, held in Dublin too, are totally suited for those wanting to release a bit of energy without the necessity to go to a boxing lesson:


Acknowledging the extreme amount of Italians in Dublin, it is necessary to include some Pizzica lessons. It’s a type of folk dance from southern Italy and it is the music that marked the ancient healing ritual against the bite of a tarantula (“Pizzica” literally means “to sting” or “to itch”, therefore the inability to stay still). The dizzily rhythmic tambourine sound is combined with a frenzied hypnotic sequence of steps that make Pizzica a very iconic dance genre. It’s that sort of music you can definitely feel in the dirtiest places: just like the blues of the Mississippi delta. Here some schools to discover more of this frantic dance  and get on your dancing shoes: 

InfiniTwirl at Cobblestone

Jazz, Boogie and Swing

If you are nostalgic for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ great swing or jazz dancing moves, you will definitely find this selection of schools in Dublin quite useful. The rhythmic pulse of the music will transport you into a sequinned world of enjoyment. The Charleston, Black Bottom, Happy Feet, King Porter Stomp, and The Jumpin Jive, foot-stomping dance lessons that are guaranteed to have you up and out of your seat! From East Coast Swing and its influence, the Foxtrot, Jitterbug and Jive fast-paced dancing moves and fidgety feet, to Boogie-woogie, you won’t be disappointed. 


Flamenco is a way of life which is born from the necessity of a population to express itself.  This dance is a form of body language and an integrated part of the rhythm, uniting the most varied psychologically motivated elements with the art of movement and transforming the most spectacular skills into harmony and beauty. Rhythm and the expression of feelings are the two most important aspects of this type of dance

Irish dance

And last but not least, Ireland’s favourite dance genre. Irish dance represents a fundamental piece of Irish culture and how it is perpetuated over time and seen in the eyes of all foreigners. With steps and mental concentration that transcend the impossible, perhaps even for some natives, this dance is recognized by rapid leg movements accompanied by stationary upper bodies and arms. In competition, most performance step-dances are danced solo, characterized by a controlled upper body, straight arms, and precise movements of the feet. The right combination of moves perfect for losing all the rounds of turkey you had at Christmas and for learning something new: 

Therefore, whether your main aim this year is to lose some weight while practising your hideous dancing moves or maybe just to want to feel closer to a community and learn some new stuff about some country traditions and practices, do not miss the chance to read this. You might not be John Travolta in Grease and his great Hand Jive moves, but it’s never too late to discover it! Let us know about your dance classes in Dublin in our comment section or by Facebook or Instagram page.

Carlotta Cutrale
Carlotta Cutrale

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