Fascinated by Techno since a young age, Romanetto, Dublin based DJ has always been surrounded by music. Fell in love with Melodic Techno at first glance, the deep, hypnotic, contrasting and involving melodies in his sets are perfect to enjoy the heavy beats of techno with the delicate touches of many instruments, a journey is what he proposes throughout the performance. Uplifting tracks, full of profound melodies and high energy bass lines are his signature. With references as Eleven of July, Senses of Mind, Browncoat, Tale of Us, Monolink, Clap Codex, Citizen Kain, his style brings a mix of delicate but powerful tracks. Due to the lack of this genre in Dublin’s club nights, Romanetto started spreading it to blossom the style in Ireland, bringing the energy that can’t be provided through words to his crowd.

Romanetto hosts 2 separate radio shows which are called Romanetto and TRP Parties and shows details are given below.

Romanetto: What’s up party people! It’s your host Romanetto coming to you live with some of the most melodic and powerful tracks out there, freshest remixes to start your weekend right. We’ve got some banging new tracks from the underground to the mainstream, so get ready to move and enjoy the trip.

TRP Parties: Welcome guys this is TRP Parties bringing you Afro House / Melodic Techno / Minimal Techno / Peaktime Techno / Psytrance and DnB mixes around, we’ve had over 70 Djs playing with us and now we will start bringing their sets to you ! Get ready to rage as we drop the most lit bangers and hype you up with some sick beats. Whether you’re in party mode or just chilling, we’ve got the tunes to set the mood. Tune in and turn up!

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