Selfridges ad of ‘thin’ model cleared by watchdog

One of the fashion companies, Selfridges, has been put on watchdog, since they launched an “unhealthy advertisement”

Afterwards, the readers started complaining that the model is too thin and wondering if advertisement should be socially responsible.

However, the fashion company denied all allegations of promoting too skinny models. They added that, the definition of weight and being underweight is a subjective matter. Furthermore, the company insist that they didn’t want to emphasise the model’s slenderness through her pose and even though she is quite slim, she is not unhealthy. That’s why the advertisement cannot be considered irresponsible.

The head of National Council of YMCAs Denise Hatton claims that, for a few years, the fashion industry has gradually been changing regarding the issue of showing body image. The companies try to be more responsible when advertising and attempt to show more diverse body images. Although he added that the slim body is still favoured nevertheless, it doesn’t reflect on customers. Additionally, showing very slim bodies in ads may lead to unhealthy methods of weight losing.


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