Serious floods killed 73 in India

Indian officials have said, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, flooding caused by heavy monsoon rain has killed at least 73 people. It has also shut down an airport and displaced more than 85,00 people.


Because of the heavy rain, it has caused to landslides in Kerala. Many people that died were crushed under debris caused by landslides.


One of India’s busiest, The Cochin International Airport, has been shut until 18 August due to a flooded runway.


The Meteorological department of India has issued a “red” alert in the state due to this situation. Rescue organizations had sent additional forces to assist the local efforts and people who need help.


There has never been such serious flooding in the state. “We are witnessing something that has never happened before in the history of Kerala. Almost all dams are now opened. Most of our water treatment plants are submerged and motors are damaged.” Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said. He apologized that the failure of the state government of neighbouring Tamil Nadu to release water from a dam had made the situation even worse.


Schools in all 14 districts of Kerala have been closed and some districts have banned for tourists due to the safety concerns.


On Wednesday alone, the state reported 25 deaths. The state officials predicted that the death toll was likely to rise.

Chloe Li
Chloe Li

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