Spain Offers to Accept the Migration Ship

According to the statement of the Prime Minister’s Office, Spain has offered to take in a migrant rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants, after it was refused to dock by Italy and Malta one day ago.


The mayors of Barcelona and Valencia provided their ports and accepted the charity rescue boat. There were 629 migrants on board, which included more than 120 unaccompanied minors and 7 pregnant women.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on board said, supplies began to fall, food will be used up by the end of Monday.  Some people needed treatment, 15 of them had serious chemical burns, and a few are suffering hypothermia.

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau has provided
help from their city. She criticised other Europeans, by saying the crisis over the ship, (named Aquarius) is putting in question on the unity of European Union the crisis over the Aquarius

She stated that “the duty of a democratic government is not to look away”.

She called on the new Spanish government led by the Socialist Party now, to make some changes on the immigration policy which was set by the previous conservative government.

The country’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez responded immediately to the call for action. The office stated they will instruct the boat to be admitted to the eastern port of Valencia.

The statement from the office said,”It is our obligation to help to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and to offer a safe port to these people” .

At the same time, Italian Interior Minister Marteaux Salvigny said that it is a great victory for Spain to accept the migration rescue ships that Italy and Malta refused to enter.

Michelle Li
Michelle Li

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