The Best 4 Places for Nature in Dublin

Ireland is a beautiful country, known around the world as the Emerald Isle, and few features of Ireland’s natural beauty are more famous than its majestic cliffs. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful natural places in Dublin, most of them only a stone throw away from Dublin City Center.


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Howth is a perfect destination for a day trip near Dublin City Center. Howth has everything you could want from a day out: stunning nature, great walking and hiking trails, and delicious food. Be sure to grab a camera to capture this wonderful place. Howth is known for its selection of amazing seafood restaurants, so do not miss out on them. Best of all, Howth is easily accessible from Dublin City by Dart. 

Dublin’s Parks

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Dublin hosts many beautiful spots all around the city, so you’re only ever within walking distance if you want to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed public park in any European capital city and houses wild deer.  For a real look into Dublin’s many parks and gardens, have a look here.

All of these locations are not far from the city and are easily reachable by bus, or bike if you’re feeling energetic! Details of the Dublin bus services can be found here.

National Botanic Gardens

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Image by National Botanic Garden

A short distance from Dublin City Centre lies the National Botanical Garden of Ireland. Over 17 thousand plant species are located in under 50 acres of space. It is famous for its Victorian glasshouses and the great palm house, Ireland’s only rainforest. This makes it a perfect destination for a day surrounded by a variety of plants. 

Dún Laoghaire 

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Dún Laoghaire is a beautiful place on the coast near Dublin City. Directly on the East Pier you can go for a stroll, do a boat trip, or do water sports. Stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, or sailing are popular pastimes here. 

In addition to the James Joyce Museum and the National Maritime Museum, the town also has an arthouse cinema where plays, music, and dances are performed. Of course, Dún Laoghaire also offers a lot in the way of culinary delights. There are a lot of great restaurants and bars that invite you to stay for a while. 

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