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Did you know that, according to the SFA, spending just and extra €20 in a small business each week for 12 weeks would generate €874 million for small Irish businesses? Such a little amount each week that will put the much-needed revenue back into our country. With fast fashion in trouble, social media businesses seem to be on the rise. All of these small businesses are on Instagram and Facebook and some have even made their way to Tiktok.

The draw for many people is the personal touch. More and more people are being disillusioned with fast fashion and want to know where their products are coming from. Many would prefer the money goes to a small business rather than a store that earns millions on mass production. With the new rise of social media businesses, we put together a list of nine that have might that one thing you are looking for! All of these companies are Irish and have wonderful reviews.

Irish Glow

Irish Glow
Credit: Irishglow_ Instagram

Irish Glow is one of those hidden gems of a business and a great way to start this list off! All of their products are in either Irish or Ogham (the earliest form of writing found in Ireland). Doireann, the owner, sells T-shirts, hats, and popsockets. The website even has a section to learn Irish if you want to expand on your ‘Cúpla Focal’. I recently bought a beanie from the website and it arrived within the week. It brought with it a lovely personalised message that was in both Irish and English. This was a business I first found on Tiktok as they went through how they package up their orders. They are a company dedicated to the Irish language and this is a great way to support both small businesses and our native language. Iontach! 

Great Island Crafts

Great island crafts
Credit: Great_Island_Crafts Instagram

Great Island Crafts is a small business from Cork that specialises in frames. Each frame is created to the unique requirements of the individual customer to produce a final piece of artwork that can be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. It’s a family run business and delivers nationwide. Some of their prints include but is not limited to, nurse/doctor appreciation, christening, new baby, weddings. This is a great keepsake for any occasion!


Credit: _bambows_ Instagram

This small Irish business specialises in headbands, bows and clips. Each one is made by hand and the headbands can be worn from birth. The owner, Aoife, is a mother herself to two little girls. We all know that is a  fulltime job in itself, yet she is still able to make these gorgeous pieces. There is even an option for a surprise box on the website. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise? At only €10 for it as well, it is well worth the cost.

Rosie’s Eco Store

Rosies Eco Store
Credit: rosiesecostore Instagram

The first business on this list where their main goal is helping our planet. With over 245,000 metric tonnes of plastic in our oceans, Rosie’s Eco Store is one of the businesses that have joined the fight to reduce our Carbon footprint by selling more sustainable products. Rosie started out making cleansing pads and baby bibs but has since expanded to feminine hygiene products and little drawstring bags. All of the items for sale are washable and without any plastic. Another benefit is that they are much nicer than their cheaper disposable counterparts. If you’re looking to do your bit for the planet and get a pretty design on top of it then this is the website for you!

Polly and Andy

Polly and Andy
Credit: pollyandandy Instagram

Polly and Andy have a touching beginning as Polly, heard her son Andy make a comment that his trousers didn’t hurt. She quickly realised that when children are not able to verbalise how they feel they could be put in something uncomfortable that causes distress. After a lot of researching Polly began her journey of creating more comfortable and sustainable clothes for children. Right now the store sells a variety of bamboo socks and bags for children of all ages. They will be expanding to vests and underwear though so that all children’s first layer of clothing will be comfortable for them.

Daisy and Tanya

Daisy and Tanya
Credit: daisyandtanya Instagram

Daisy and Tanya originally started out as bridal headpieces. It wasn’t until Tanya’s little girl, Daisy came along that it developed into the luxury occasion wear we see today. With Tanya’s background in fashion design, it’s easy to see why all her pieces are so beautiful and unique. There is a vast amount of products to choose from with this Irish business, from tutus, bridal headpieces, clips, and flower crowns. They have everything you could want to make your special occasion perfect!  

Jiminy Eco Toys

Jiminy eco toys
Credit: Instagram

Sharon, the owner of Jiminy Eco Toys started up in 2018 after finding it tough to get her daughter toys that weren’t wrapped in mounds of plastic. Named after Pinnochio’s conscience, Jiminy Cricket, Jiminy Eco Toys vision is to have an eco-toy section in all toy stores. Using only natural materials such as recycled cardboard, bio-plastic, wood and paper, this should be an alternative that people start looking at to reduce their carbon footprint. There is even a section for age 10 up to Adult on it, so this business is not just for children! There is also an option on the website to show you where a few shops stock their toys if you don’t want to make an online purchase.

Mama Sew Unique

Mama Sew Unique
Credit: Mama Sew Unique Facebook

This is another great small Irish business that sells a variety of children’s clothes along with scrunchies. They make custom orders so your child will always have something unique to wear. They use only the softest fabric for delicate skin and specialise in making the perfect clothes for your child. This is a wonderful website to visit if you’re looking for gift ideas as you know whatever you get will be unique!

Rain and Wild Candles

Wild and rain
Credit: rainandwild Instagram

Who doesn’t love a good candle? Rain and Wild is an eco-friendly candle company based in Ireland. If you go onto their Instagram they bring you through how they make the candles. You can even get the scent of your choice on your packing peanuts. Each candle has its own personal meaning behind the scent to help you choose the right option. To make it better, some of the candles come with a seed paper card to plant your own wildflowers which helps the bees!  This business is only started its journey in May so be sure to go over to their Instagram and give them a follow!

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Katie Boland
Katie Boland


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