7 important things to know before moving to Ireland in 2022

Feeling nervous about relocating to a new country? There’s no better time than now to begin exploring and organizing longer travels overseas or a major relocation to your favorite place. You’ll have a lot of questions as part of the thrill of relocating to a new city. The most interesting part about moving to a new country or city is meeting new people and exploring new places. 

However, There are lots of different things you’ll need to be aware of when relocating to another country.  Moving to Ireland, in particular, may be one of the most exciting and nervous  experiences of one’s life. If those relocating to Ireland for job, education, or any other reason do their research before making the move. Here are 7 important things to know before moving to Ireland in 2022.


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Whether you’re moving in Ireland for a year or want to remain there for the rest of your life, you’ll have plenty of options for rented and owned housing. Whether you should rent or purchase depends on how long you want to reside. It also depends on whatever area you choose to live. One of the most difficult things of relocating to Ireland is finding a place to live. Dublin is, unexpectedly, the most expensive city in Ireland to rent or buy a home.

Dublin’s current metro area population is 1,256,000 in 2022, rising 1.13 percent from 2021, according to macrotrends.net. Increasing population and less space are one of the main issues of limited houses in Dublin. When it comes to housing, college students have a lot of options. On-campus accommodation, which is offered at many universities, is preferred by some students. On-campus living is always in high demand, but it may be costly and difficult to come by. 


Ireland’s weather is unpredictable and if you are lucky enough you can sometimes experience four seasons in one day! Ireland’s climate may be described as moderate, wet, and varied, with plenty of rain and few temperature extremes. Here you will rarely see extreme winters or snowy winters. Winter temperatures are between 4°C and 9°C. Ireland is significantly warmer than other areas in its latitude. Summer temperatures are often between 12°C to 24°C. However, Ireland has a lot of wind, all year-round. Rainfall is common on the island. So, remember to bring rain gear or raincoat before coming to Ireland.


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Ireland boasts a well-developed and effective healthcare system. Many essential Irish public health services are covered by health insurance; but, in rare situations, you may need to pay a fee. In Ireland, there are two basic systems in place: you can access free medical care if you have a Medical Card, or you may pay for healthcare. A Medical Card is only available to those who have resided in Ireland for at least one year and have a modest income.

If you haven’t seen a doctor in Ireland previously, you’ll be charged €100 for an emergency visit and the cost for a GP consultation is €60.To gain access to a wide range of health services, all you have to do is prove to the HSE that you are ‘ordinarily living in Ireland,’ which you should be able to accomplish through your visa.


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Public transport in Ireland includes trains, DART, LUAS and Buses. It’s easy to move around Dublin by walking if you reside in the city center. However, if you’re coming in from the outskirts or the weather isn’t looking good, public buses are usually the most convenient mode of transportation. There are two LUAS lines: the red and green lines which are fast and easy to connect to suburban areas with the city center.

 For travel purposes there is a convenient way to use a contact-less Leap card which you can buy from any convenience stores. Fares on the Leap Card are frequently lower, and when you use a Student Leap Card, you can get even more discounts.


Ireland has its own language, it will fascinate you, although few people speak it well. However, there are city names, bus stops or even street signs written in both English and Irish. If anyone can check on Wikipedia, English is the most widely spoken language in Ireland. Irish people use their slang while talking which are sometimes more confusing to understand. So, if someone says that “I’m Lee Marvin” It means that person is starving.


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Ireland, like other European countries, is greatly impacted by Western cuisine choices. However, it also has a lot of fantastic cuisine and drinks to offer. Ireland boasts a vast range of meals to tempt your taste buds. Irish stews, bacon, and cabbage are now the country’s three national meals. Every Irish restaurant serves it. Potatoes had a huge impact on local cuisine and were used in practically every dish.

Pubs, which are part of Irish culture and traditions, are a good place to go if you want to try traditional Irish cuisine or beverages. Keep in mind that pubs and bars in Ireland are one of the locations where Irish people like to socialize with their friends. It is also famous for Guinness and Irish whiskey like Jameson.

Job Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities due to a developing economy and a large number of global corporations. With businesses like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn relocating their European headquarters to Ireland, the country now boasts a strong digital industry. So anyone can find ample job opportunities in tech industries. There are other larger companies as well like Pfizer, Ryanair, Kerry, Primark which employ Non-EU/EEA citizens as well.

Non-EU/EEA citizens will need to apply for a special visa first for a work permit. Although the Irish job market offers plenty of options for both international and domestic employees, it also draws a lot of competition. You can find Irish job opportunities and apply through various websites such as Irish jobs, Jobs.ie, RecruitIreland etc. If you are a student and looking for some graduate role, Grad Ireland is a good option for you to find more job opportunities.

There is a lot to think about before moving to Ireland like beautiful places, culture and history and many more but these are some important things which can be helpful if you are thinking of relocating to Ireland. Now you are ready to move to Ireland. So, pack your bags! You’ll have a great time, and you won’t find nicer people, more scenic beauty, or a more beloved country than the Emerald Isle!

Let us know in the comments what you think about moving to Ireland and what are other things which are important to know before coming to Ireland.

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