US, Canada and Mexico will host the 2026 World Cup

The latest vote results show that the US, Canada and Mexico will host the 2026  FIFA World Cup.


The US team won with 67% of the votes. Morocco received the rest 33%.


The 68th FIFA Congress was held in Moscow and the National Assembly will begin at 07:00. After the final 15 minutes of speeches in both bids, 211 FIFA member states voted except Canada, Mexico, Morocco and the United States.


This will be the first time the United States host a one-month football competition since 1994 and before the 2028 Summer Olympics will be held in Los Angeles.


Since 2022 is hosted by Asia (Qatar), the host countries that can host this year are Europe, Africa, South America, North America, and Oceania.


A joint bid between the United States, Canada and Mexico is competing with Morocco for the right to host the largest ever World Cup – 48 teams played 80 games in 34 days.


After the decision was announced in Moscow, American Football President Carlos Cordeiro said, “Thank you very much and thank you very much for this incredible honor. Thank you for giving us this privilege”.


“At the end of the day, we are all integrated into football. This is the spirit of the World Cup. Beautiful games go beyond borders and culture. Today football is the only winner.”

Michelle Li
Michelle Li

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