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In each country, there’s always that one law that leaves people scratching their heads. Ireland for example, accidentally made all drugs legal for 24 hours in 2016. Each country has laws that were relevant at the time of writing but, with the world becoming more open and advanced, some of the original laws written become obsolete. There were so many to choose from but we chose weird laws from just seven different countries. Some of these laws aren’t in place or aren’t enforced but are still strange. All of these countries were picked at random through a generator to show how weird laws are universal.


Starting with Australia, did you know it is illegal to possess more than 50kg of potatoes? It is unsure why it came about but the likely reason was to do with protecting the state’s commercial activities. Another strange law is that it is illegal to be drunk in a pub. This law makes a bit more sense as the actual law states that it is illegal to be drunk in a public space. As a pub is considered a public space it is technically against the law to be drunk there. The last strange law in Australia that has to be mentioned is that it is illegal to dress up as Batman and Robin. Now, people may think this one to be super weird but in this case, the Australian government has a reason. Dressing up as Batman and Robin is tantamount to impersonating a police officer, which is illegal.


Ireland is not safe from this list. Our little island has its fair share of weird laws. Did you know that a bap can only be called a ‘blaa’ if it was baked in Waterford? In Northern Ireland, it is technically illegal to go to the cinema on Sunday. This has to do with religious tradition and people can be fined £50 for taking a trip to see the latest blockbuster! This last one is more about the EU law but as it started in Ireland we’ll put it here. Did you know that Leprechauns are protected under EU law? This came about as,  in 1989, P.J. O’Hare claimed to have found the remains of a Leprechaun in Carlingford, Co Louth. The skeleton quickly disintegrated but O’Hare kept the clothes and famously displayed them in his pub. In 2009 they became protected by a European directive.  


Croatia might have some of the most hilariously weird laws out there. In Croatia, it is illegal to be on your balcony naked, but if you offer to buy a sober minor a drink you’ll get off scot-free! Do you snore while you sleep? Well if you do and you fall asleep in a public place then you’ll be set back 4000kn. Some of their laws are clumsily written which allows for these laws to exploited. Let’s hope people don’t use the loopholes often!


People are used to watching their language when out and about but did you know that it is illegal to shout offensive words in public in Mexico? You also have to keep both feet on your pedals if you plan on going cycling. During the holy week, it is illegal to throw fireworks by hand, as well. 

United States of America

The US is a big place with different laws in all 50 states. Looking through all the crazy laws over there it was tough to pick out the weirdest ones they have so we have compiled the top ten weird laws in the US instead.

In Florida, an unmarried woman cannot go skydiving on a Sunday. It is also illegal to skateboard without a skateboard license. If you head over to Arizona, if you are attacked you can only protect yourself with the same kind of weapon your attacker has. It’s also illegal to refuse someone a glass of water. Whereas in Hawaii, it is illegal to wear just swim shorts in public and you can only have one alcoholic drink in front of you at all times. 

We all know about the tax that is put on at the end of the purchase in the US,  but did you know that if you are caught with an illegal substance in North Carolina you have to pay tax on them? It’s $50 for each gram of cocaine. Also in North Carolina, if an unmarried man and woman register at a hotel as a married couple, they are legally married. In Georgia, it’s illegal to live on a boat for more than 30 days, while in Idaho, it’s illegal to sweep debris onto the street. Weird, huh?


France is supposed to be the most romantic place in the world but did you know that it is illegal to kiss while riding the train? Unlike many other countries where you can take photographs of the police in France, it is illegal to take photos of police or police vehicles, even if they’re just in the background. Another pretty strange one is that it is illegal to have unlimited, self-service ketchup in school cafeterias.

South Korea

In South Korea, it is illegal to impersonate an animal while in a restaurant. There are defamation laws in each country but in South Korea, it is pretty serious, even online. If you are heading over be careful of that! It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, you could get in trouble for it. The weirdest law for South Korea is that tattooing is considered a medical procedure, so a medical licence is required. This applies only to tattoo artists but pretty strange nonetheless.

 What do you think of these laws? Know of any strange or weird laws that you find funny? Let us know! 

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