Why Valencia is one of the best cities for foreign students

Living in Spain can be very expensive if you don’t know which cities are cheaper and have a better quality of life. That is why the city of Valencia is considered one of the best Spanish cities to live and study.

Cheaper rentals 

Valencia has one of the cheapest accommodation offers in Spain. The rental apartments in Valencia are around 800€, while sharing a room could cost you a maximum of 300€. Compared to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​whose prices increase up to 400€ more than in Valencia, this city shows that its prices are affordable and adaptable to the budget of any person. 

Despite the fact that rental prices have increased in recent years, it is still one of the cheapest cities for students. In addition, the neighborhoods that surround the university areas know how to adapt very well to this demand, and this is reflected a lot in their prices.

Valencia center 

The food 

As for gastronomy, Valencia is not only famous for Paella. The Mediterranean diet of the area has been considered an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2010 for being much more than a healthy diet and consolidating itself as a culture that encourages social interaction, respect for the land and biodiversity. In addition to being a very tasty and healthy option, going out to eat in Valencia is also very affordable and has a wide variety of options.

Night life 

Students will always look for the options that best suit their budget. That is why Valencia is a very cheap city to party or go to bars. The university area is full of pubs and places where the prices for dinner and drinks are extremely cheap. In addition, the clubs usually offer quite affordable prices for the entrance and, also, there is the possibility that it is not necessary to order a taxi to go to the places, since the night buses are in operation all night or, if you live near the place you are going to go out, you can walk to it. 

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia 


Valencia also has an impressive architectural wealth. It’s a city where you can move around without having to use public transport or a car, so you can visit all the places and emblematic buildings while taking a walk. It’s like a small town turned into a city. It not only has its most contemporary buildings, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, but also other historical buildings of vital importance to the city, such as the Torres de Serrans, the Valencia Cathedral, La Lonja de la Seda or the Church of Santa Catalina, which are the best example of Gothic Architecture in the city. 

The Valencia Cathedral

Beaches and good weather

The climate is also one of the advantages that Valencia offers to those who visit it or decide to stay and live there. Its beaches invite you to enjoy the good weather and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and which can be accessed by public transport (which is free every Sunday during the summer months). In addition to the various beaches that Valencia has, the Port is also a very good option to go for a walk or to attend any of the many events that are held there almost every week.

Cabanyal beach 

Valencia gives many student offers for those who want to come here to study. From intensive courses or vocational programs, to university degrees or masters and doctorates, the city opens its doors to students from all over the world to learn and expand their knowledge. Would you come? 

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