Women Majority in New Spanish Cabinet

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has given 11 cabinet posts out of 17 to women, as he suggest that his government’s priorities will be gender parity and the Catalan crisis.

Sánchez’s choice contrasts sharply with the predecessor PM Mariano Rajoy’s male-dominated executive.

The 46-year-old new executive ousted the ex-PM Mariano Rajoy by casting a vote of no-confidence as prime minister last Friday.

The executive was ‘’a reflection of the best in the society’’, stated Mr Sanchez. Society  he believes, should consist of people of all ages and both sexes in the European Union.

He called Europe “our new homeland” and stated that he believes his cabinet is a true reflection of the Spanish changes that occurred through the feminist movement on March 8. It is estimated that 5 million women throughout the country held a “feminist strike” on wage inequality and gender-based violence on the same day.

There are more big jobs given to women such as defense, economy, financial and educational portfolios.

Socialist Carmen Calvo become Deputy Prime Minister. Nadia Calvino was named Economy Minister, who was the budget Director-General at the European Commision. State prosecutor Dolores Delgado is appointed to become Justice Minister.

In addition, the role of science minister was given to an ex-astronaut. He is Pedro Duque, one of the high profile appointment. He was part of an International Space Station (ISS) mission in 2003.

The new prime minister calls himself a feminist. He said this is a watershed in Spanish society.

Mr Sanchez said, “All are highly qualified and bring a vocation for public service and reflect the best of Spain.”

Michelle Li
Michelle Li

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