5 benefits of working in a multicultural company

The complex and dynamic business environment has demanded more innovations from companies. A multicultural company is a work team composed of people from different ethnic and professional backgrounds, with diverse beliefs, values, opinion, etc. This generates synergies that may lead to good results, advantage over competitors, and innovations.

Multiculturalism is the coexistence of several cultures in the same physical, geographical, or social space. It can be of different nature—religious, linguistic, racial, etc.— everything that may be considered within a cultural spectrum. You can work with someone from India, Germany, or even Colombia. In those cases, you have to prepare yourself to adapt successfully to a rapidly changing culture environment and, from this, you will understand the importance of sharing culture. 

These benefits may help you to increase your knowledge. So, this leads to the next point: what are the benefits of working in a multicultural company?


Your interpersonal skills will improve through communication. A strong internal communication structure can provide integration and creates open channels to promote dialogue. The Intranet, murals, and corporate social networks can help you in this process.

In addition, the work-sharing information given accurately and rapidly emerges knowledge, which is essential to effective work, team performance, and productivity. You and your colleagues develop the team’s skills set!

The internal dialogue can promote happiness at work. Happy employees are productive employees, resulting in things getting done well and ultimately a better performing business.

Adaptability to New Environment

When you start promoting acceptance and understanding among coworkers you are able to become more receptive to change new realities. Learning how to adapt to a new environment is one of the soft skills most valued by recruiters.

This is a skill set that you can help employees develop by modeling it yourself and by providing training in which employees can use feedback to improve how they behave in conversations with people from different backgrounds. Multicultural company can be an open space for you to feel free to express dissatisfaction and make suggestions. 

Multicultural Company

Improve Ideas and Creativity

Creativity—the act of transforming what already exists through new and imaginative ideas—may seem an abstract concept. It can be characterized as the ability to perceive the world around us and seek for what it’s not been explored previously and generate solutions.

In addition, creativity is a characteristic which arises from your own personal resources, such as knowledge, information, inspiration, and all the fragments of experience that we collect throughout life.

Multicultural teams are seen as a wellspring of creativity and innovativeness. It helps you boost your creativity, introduce new perspectives, and promote a new meaning for opinions. Thus, think outside of the box and look at problems from diverse perspectives with different thoughts!

Learn and Practice Languages

You can practice and learn a foreign language living with collaborators from many different countries. Best of all, you will learn the vocabulary and your professional-speaking business. Wouldn’t it be great learning Spanish, German or French in a way that also teaches you about culture?

Working in a multicultural company provides professionals with an essential added value, since language skills become indispensable within organizations, especially when talking about multinationals. You will be able to aim for positions with big responsibilities.

Regarding the language conflicts the professional communication can be misinterpreted or difficult to understand across cultures. However, there will always be other ways of communicating and you can explore them!

Also, you will have a better understanding and start to try to approximate the current reality with the reality that you lived in the other country, likewise your coworkers. For this reason, multicultural company innovate processes and create new opportunities.

Better Service for Customers and Partners

You are immersed in a cultural environment and have to negotiate, mediate, and communicate with clients. You must be able to relate and understand the company’s clients better, and even some on a personal level. 

Having a diversity of cultures in your workforce will help you to bring that human touch. You will learn to be more open-minded, flexible, and tolerant. Customers naturally feel more comfortable speaking to someone from a similar background, be it understanding the customer’s native language or customary traditions. A multicultural workforce helps to make even the smallest businesses heard on a global scale.

Multicultural Company

Not all are advantages. Thus, where multiculturalism could go wrong?

Cultural barriers can get in the way of a truly integrated, multicultural workforce. The multicultural company can overcome these by maintaining clear diversity policies and explaining what is, and what is not, acceptable behavior. It must set protocol for dealing with problems to build employee diversity skills to improve understanding and awareness to reap the benefits.

Be ready for the challenge! Diversity in the world today has different ideas and perspectives which can bring a positive effect like innovation solutions to the companies and adapt your business is the new reality for the market. 

What benefits do you find most attractive to you? Please feel free to tell us your comments and suggestions.

Marina Barboza
Marina Barboza

Master and Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Amazônia. Member of Technological Marketing Research group since 2010. Worked as a professor of Marketing at Centro Universitário Metropolitano da Amazônia - UNIFAMAZ. Work as Social Media Manager at Babylon Radio.

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