5 virtual date ideas for a virtual valentines

5 virtual date ideas for a virtual valentines.

Saint Valentine’s Day is a day to show affection and love to the special person in your life, a day to treat your beloved to as many romantic excursions as you can muster. But, unfortunately, like so many other treasured things, 2021 has other plans in store for us. Bringing an unwanted change from the normal season of love, the Covid-19 pandemic has locked us away from each other, at a time of year where young couples should be openly expressing their love for each other.

Not all of this has to be doom and gloom though. The lockdown gifts us the opportunity to break away from tradition, define a perfect excuse to pamper each other in the few ways that we can. So, here are five virtual data ideas to help you express your love, for the apple of your eye.

  1. Teleparty: a virtual movie experience

There is no more iconic or stereotyped date than dinner and a movie, but that’s for a good reason; watching a movie together is an exercise in compromise for a young couple, where the two lovebirds find something they would both enjoy watching, often with a lot of debating had on both sides to achieve this. And you may think that the current lack of cinemas has brought an end to the concept of a movie night, but the use of Teleparty (formally known as Netflix-party) has brought to life this age-old date idea that can now be done through video call through their website.

Although the virtual aspect of Teleparty doesn’t allow for the sprawled-out cuddling that comes with old-fashioned movie nights, still, there is the added benefit that you don’t have to share your popcorn.


  1. Care packages

An extremely popular trend that was seen on Tik Tok a few months ago was the making of couple’s care packages or just a normal gift swap if they didn’t have to live with lockdown long distance. This trend saw two loving individuals purchasing a series of small token gifts, with each gift being part of a list of categories, like a favourite drink or snack. This care package would be opened together through FaceTime, in order of the list.

Here’s an example of what the list would look like would be:

  •  Something that’s their favourite colour
  • A favourite snack
  • A favourite drink
  • Something they need
  • Something that reminds you of them
  • Something you want them to experience

It’s a cute idea that helps show couples how much they’ve connected and have gotten to know each other throughout their relationship.

  1. Virtual meal for two

There is nothing more romantic than to cook a meal for another person, to show your love and affection for the other by putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your partner’s favourite meal. Figuratively!

Now if you’re not supposed to be in each other’s houses, how are you supposed to cook each other a romantic meal? Well, it’s done by cooking yourself dinner with them virtually. Cooking with somebody can be great fun, so you just have to decide on what you’re going to cook together, find some common ground, gather your ingredients, and get started.

You can cook each other’s favourite meals or if there are some dietary differences, you both can decide to cook something that you would enjoy together. Remember to set up your normal FaceTime camera in a good vantage point where you can watch the chaos ensue.


  1. Cocktail mixology

Something you can add to your virtual meal to ensure there will definitely be some chaos in the kitchen, or you could have this virtual date on its own is partaking in cocktail mixology. Attend a free YouTube cocktail mixology class, where you can share a few drinks afterwards.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for you to pamper yourself, and maybe get a bit fancier with your cocktails. There are some great life skills to be learned, where you can discover how to make something a tad more complex than vodka and white lemonade.

After you gain a bit of experience with your mixology class, you can try your hand at making your relationship cocktail, something that can become synonymous with your love for each other, but try not to feel too disheartened if it comes out terribly.


  1. Sending your loved one a letter

Words are a massively powerful tool, especially in a time when you can call your beloved at any time, but putting your feelings to paper holds an even greater significance, so when you reaffirm your feelings for your loved one by letter you are effectively capturing your romantic connection for eternity.

A love letter becomes an amazing keepsake, something to cherish and hold onto; you can always go back to whenever you feel like reading it, where you can experience a bonus burst of love every time.

No, of course not everyone feels that they have the written eloquence to properly express their feelings in a letter, but the simple act of writing a love letter holds a lot more meaning than any words you can put inside.

The Covid-19 pandemic provides an extreme social challenge to many relationships, a challenge not many want to face. But isn’t love its own kind of challenge? What’s one more small hiccup in your pursuit to spend eternity together?

So, do you have any other virtual dates planned for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett

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