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The biggest sports rivalries in the world

By Sean Barrett / January 20, 2021

Sports will always naturally breed competition; it’s human nature to be competitive, and it’s beneficial within sports to use your emotions to win out against your adversaries. As a result of this strive to be the best, rivalries are inevitably created. Sport in Ireland gets a new hero: Alexandre Beretta-O’Reilly Why Are Esports So Popular? […]


5 lesser known music genres to dive into in 2021

By Sean Barrett / January 14, 2021

Unconsciously separating artists and songs into different genres has been a constant within the music industry since its formative years; by having a favourite music genre, music lovers are able to explore and collect new songs to enjoy with ease. Identifying music to certain genres has helped categorize different pieces of music by focusing on […]


How to drive in icy conditions without fear

By Sean Barrett / January 10, 2021

  The best method for staying safe when the roads are affected by treacherous icy conditions is simply not to drive in the first place, but unfortunately, this is often not an option for many households, who still need to drive frequently for work or groceries. This article will provide you with all the necessary […]


The best celestial events that are viewable in 2021

By Sean Barrett / January 7, 2021

This article will discuss the best celestial events that you can see from Ireland in 2021. As we begin to settle into 2021, we are given the opportunity to reflect on all that we did in the past 365 days, or in the case for 2020, what we didn’t do. Due to COVID-19, we all […]