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Sean is a 2nd-year politics student in UL (University of Limerick) who loves all things history related; Sean enjoys writing articles on Pop culture, history, art and music. You can find him on Twitter @SeanieBarrettJr


Great Reasons to go Camping this Summer

By Sean Barrett / July 2, 2021

Depending on who you ask, everyone has a different rationale for camping. Some people choose to unplug from technology and reconnect with the natural world. Some families go camping to reconnect with one other and get away from the distractions of everyday life. Many youth groups teach how to create a fire, pitch a tent, […]


The Summer Solstice: Irelands Pagan Origins

By Sean Barrett / June 28, 2021

Prior to Saint Patrick’s spread of Christianity to Ireland, pagan beliefs and practices reigned supreme. Celtic pagan festivals were held throughout the year, following the Sun’s cycles. The equinoxes in the spring and fall, as well as the shortest and longest days of the year, were all significant.  The four Celtic festivals: between tradition and […]


How TikTok has Influenced the Music Industry

By Sean Barrett / June 23, 2021

TikTok makes it simple for anybody to create and share viral videos. The biggest major disruption to the music industry in years looks to be TikTok, causing many existing music firms to sit up and take notice in order to avoid a flood of fan-supported musicians from joining the sector. Its impact on popular music […]


5 Great Dublin Museums to visit this summer

By Sean Barrett / June 21, 2021

The phrase “you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone” never sounded more accurate than when the Covid-19 pandemic struck our shores in March of last year. Nonetheless, we have been fortunate in that we have been afforded the opportunity to explore our small island due to our inability to leave it. And, now, there is […]


Bo Burnham “Inside”: Seeking Comfort in Isolation

By Sean Barrett / June 14, 2021

Now we know what Bo Burnham was up to during his lockdown. Inside is his new Netflix show, which he developed alone in his Los Angeles home throughout 2020. And, if its story and the evidence of our own eyes are to be trusted, it was not a haphazardly thrown-together creation to pass the time. […]


The Mental Benefits of Journaling

By Sean Barrett / June 10, 2021

Understanding the Benefits of journaling has progressed dramatically in recent years. There are several reasons why anyone can use the practice of journaling as a form of self-expression, decompression, and daily thankfulness. Journaling is one of the most accessible hobbies; there are no obstacles to entry and no gatekeepers or preconceptions in journaling. Everyone and […]


Is China capable of reversing its tragic one-child policy?

By Sean Barrett / June 8, 2021

Last week, the Chinese Communist Party declared that all married couples will be permitted to have three children, ending a two-child policy that had failed to boost the country’s falling birth rates and avert a demographic crisis in the near future. The CCP’s declaration is a rare acknowledgement that the country’s prior reproduction laws, which […]


7 of the best Blue Flag beaches in Ireland

By Sean Barrett / June 2, 2021

The coastline of Ireland is a rich, 6,200 kilometre-long stretch of amazing sights and beautiful destinations. Ireland’s shoreline is a beachgoer’s paradise, with quiet coves known only to a select few and long stretches of golden sand that are lovely destinations in their own right. Although Ireland has countless glorious beaches to spend your long-awaited […]


The Unknown Consequences of Calorie Counting

By Sean Barrett / May 31, 2021

You’ve probably heard of the calories in/calories out concept if you’re conscious about your body’s health. his weight loss concept argues that you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. While this is accurate in theory, it’s a highly simplistic weight loss model in practice. For starters, the method ignores how the […]


Ireland’s Historical Influence in South America

By Sean Barrett / May 28, 2021

Many people are aware of the Irish contribution to the development of the United States because of the well-documented Irish diaspora in North America. The Irish diaspora in Latin and South America, on the other hand, is a different story. The majority of people are unaware of the significant roles played by the Irish in […]

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