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Sean is a 2nd year politics student in UL (University of Limerick) who has a love for all things history related, Sean enjoys writing articles on Pop culture, history, art and music.


5 films to help you explore the world from home

By Sean Barrett / March 6, 2021

Five films to help you explore the world from home   There is great excitement and restlessness that comes with watching movies about exploring a land that seems so foreign to the one that we call home, with films about travel and the journey being used by wishful travellers to instil a sense of wanderlust […]


Should you separate art from the artist?

By Sean Barrett / March 2, 2021

Should you separate art from the artist?   Should you separate art from the artist?   “Should we separate art from the artist?” is a problematic question that arises again and again whenever a controversial artist comes up in the news cycle. It’s a problem that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer.  Unfortunately, there are far […]


The high cost of cheap entertainment

By Sean Barrett / February 27, 2021

The high cost of cheap entertainment The invention of the Internet has revolutionised the way we see the world in the last three decades, allowing its users to connect and access information no matter the distance. That has helped make the world seem like a smaller place. The benefits that came with the invention of […]


The Tragedy of the World’s Greatest Art Thief

By Sean Barrett / February 24, 2021

The Tragedy of the World’s Greatest Art Thief Recently, the world of art theft returned to the public’s attention with the success of Netflix’s “Lupin”, a modern-day retelling of the classic French tale of Arsène Lupin, the world-renowned gentleman thief extraordinaire found in tens of novels and novellas by Maurice Leblanc. But did you know […]


Escapism: A double-edged sword

By Sean Barrett / February 20, 2021

Escapism: A double-edged sword Have you ever wanted to be somebody else, maybe become your favourite character in a movie or video game, or an Instagram celebrity living it large in Dubai? Who hasn’t? We all have these fantasies that we like to drift off to when times get tough; these fantasies help us take […]


5 great ways to boost your metabolism

By Sean Barrett / February 17, 2021

5 great ways to boost your metabolism. In this article, I will discuss 5 great ways of boosting your body’s metabolism; a lot of people understand that having a naturally slow metabolism can be detrimental to their goals regarding weight loss or just self-improvement, but don’t actually know what exactly their metabolism is. Without getting […]


The importance of fiction

By Sean Barrett / February 16, 2021

  There is a current argument that believes reading fiction is a waste of valuable time, time better spent improving ourselves in the real world, that this escapism we have from reading books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is, in itself, just inherently bad for your constantly evolving self-worth. But I simply […]


5 virtual date ideas for a virtual valentines

By Sean Barrett / February 12, 2021

5 virtual date ideas for a virtual valentines. Saint Valentine’s Day is a day to show affection and love to the special person in your life, a day to treat your beloved to as many romantic excursions as you can muster. But, unfortunately, like so many other treasured things, 2021 has other plans in store […]


Music with cooking: the best spice you should add.

By Sean Barrett / February 10, 2021

There is no harder task after a difficult day than having to face cooking a meal for yourself and your loved ones. Life is fast-paced for us all; rarely, we can truly slow down and appreciate the finer details, so when we cook it just so happens that we often have a deadline to try […]


Exploring the golden age of television

By Sean Barrett / February 4, 2021

The golden age of television is a name presented to a period spanning two decades, from the early 2000s to the present. This article hopes to answer an often-asked question: “Are we still currently living in the golden age of television, or has the sunset finally begun to set on this era of quality television?” […]

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