70s Aesthetics Making a Return to the Limelight 

Music from the 70s is iridescent and brings us into a world of our own. We need to connect with music from the past to acknowledge music culture’s sound and popularity in the 1970s. Music is a muse for many, and during these times, we need to make sure we are still in touch with our musical side to take us away from reality. These albums from the 70s are just “The Cure” for lockdown blues with their dreamy, dance-inducing energy. It is a breakaway from today’s music and a way of getting lost in the trippy world of the 70s, a different sound, a different feel. In 2021, the purchasing and use of record players is becoming more and more popular, and I guess one can say we are more in touch with the 70s than we know. 

 70s Albums to listen to: 

Talking Heads: 77 – Talking Heads

Released in 1977, this Talking Heads album opens a music lover’s mind to a vibrant, shimmering world. As many of us already know the head-bopping hit, “Psycho Killer”, this album offers more feel-good tunes that get you off your feet. Songs, such as “New Feeling”, “Happy Day”, and ‘“Sugar on My Tongue” are definitely at the top of my radar for this album. These songs truly send positive energy your way with their smooth guitar, soft drum beats, and groovy lyrics. 


Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

As someone who grew up with Fleetwood Mac in their household, I am ecstatic about their sudden popularity in modern society. Fleetwood Mac’s music is iridescent and indeed is healing for the soul. Rumours contribute slow-beat songs with a dreamy steady pattern. Like, Talking Heads’s 77, Rumours was also released in 1977, a particularly good year in the 70s indeed. With the mix of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s voices, this album is a kaleidoscope of dreamy, heartfelt lyrics and raw emotions. Of course, Mick Fleetwood on drums, who was and continues to be the backbone of this band, adds fun to the group’s music and energy.


Loaded – The Velvet Underground

Another album with a hazy feel, Loaded by the Velvet Underground is a beautiful album that is soothing and comforting. The instrumental alone is soul-touching and serves as a reminder of summer days. Certainly, this album will get you in that warm weather feeling. The song “Who Loves the Sun” and “I Love You” represent the sweetness of The Velvet Underground’s soft-sounding tracks. Loaded feels like a positive force upon you when listening to that brings a comforting smile to your face, and the peaceful energy from it is unmatched.


Three Imaginary Boys – The Cure

An album with more of a rock touch, Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure gets you off your feet to dance your way out of reality to live in the moment. Unlike the albums above, these tracks are significantly faster and upbeat, raising the rock energy in their music. The songs in Three Imaginary Boys are certainly electric. 

Record Players

Record players have never died down; if anything, they are coming back stronger than ever. They are a fun way to listen to your music, and getting the chance to build a collection of vinyl is so exciting. Finding your favourite albums on record and putting them on to escape from reality is most definitely a mood booster. Record players are super easy to find and are great for any music lover. Not only do they give music a more vintage sound, but they also are a stunning piece to add to your home. You can blast your favourite music on your record player while having an aesthetically pleasing piece to decorate your home with. So, what’s not to like?

70s Fashion Aesthetics

The style and aesthetics of the 70s are for sure going to make their way back into the limelight. Here are some that need to come back. 

This 70s hairstyle is beautiful, bouncy, and fun. With the return of mullets, perhaps we can go back another decade to the 70s with our hairstyle trends. American actress, Farrah Fawcett, was certainly the figure for this curled-out hairstyle look. This hairstyle caught my attention after seeing the feminist activist and author of Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, Florence Given, rock this Farrah Fawcett-inspired hairstyle. 

farrahfawcetthair photo02 florence given iwd 2020 819x1024 1

Florence’s wardrobe is certainly like a 70s dreamland, incorporating looks with vibrant colours, leopard print, and, most importantly, her confidence. Florence’s aesthetic is inspiring and stunning. We see many 80s and 90s style trends in the spotlight, but not enough incorporation of the 70s. It is exciting and fun to see the 70s inspired looks creep their way back into the centre attention. With the 70s style, it is easy to see how music and fashion come hand-in-hand. The connection of fun, trippy music is reflected in the clothing, and it does not get enough praise.

Flares and bell sleeves are 100% fashion pieces to look out for if you are trying to assimilate 70s inspired clothing into your wardrobe. Flares are becoming more and more popular and are absolutely a fashion look that you can dress in many different ways. Big coats add drama to your piece of clothing, highlighting the dramatic, exaggerated, and funky look from the 70s.


Don’t forget heeled boots. It’s a unisex style that can be styled by men and women; heeled boots complement any outfit giving that dramatic characteristic to any outfit. From casual to full glam, heeled boots can go with mostly any outfit. 

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Chunky glasses and fringed jackets are edgy pieces that feel heavily inspired by music; flowy clothing and dramatic jewellery add a musically influenced touch to any outfit. Floral patterns and colours, such as orange, yellow, brown, and red, represent the clothing style in the 70s and add a down-to-earth feel to almost every outfit. With that, the colours and flowy style of the clothing represent the iridescent, good vibes of the music culture and style trends of the 70s.

The music and fashion cultures of the 70s most definitely coexist. There is so much power in the music and the statement of the clothing. The 1970s were surely a year that made a point that self-expression was paramount. The passion for music is radiant, and positive energy’s vibrancy is high; it can be noted solely based on their clothing. The 70s style was a beautiful, colourful statement and unquestionably should sneak its way back into modern fashion trends from casual to bold and daring.

Alison Law
Alison Law

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