Alison Law

Alison Law

Alison is a college student and writer passionate about the environment, fashion, animals and coffee.

5 Irish Vegan Businesses to support

5 Irish Vegan Businesses to support

Shopping local allows us to see the creative and hard-working people around us. Supporting businesses, particularly independent businesses, is a conscious consumer decision that helps our local business owners. During times like these, it is essential to support companies that…

The most eco-friendly countries in the world

The most eco friendly countries in the world

Iceland An outstanding figure of 99% of Iceland’s energy is generated by renewable energy. How magnificent is that? The renewable energy they use is geothermal energy and hydropower. When it comes to energy usage and energy sources, Iceland is sustainable…

Veganism around the World

Veganism around the world

What is the world’s most vegan-friendly country? We discover that many countries in our world are famous for veganism and have a growing population of vegans. But can we just pinpoint one as being the most vegan? Let’s look at…

Ways to be sustainable at home

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Many of us are frustrated with the progress of sustainability in our lives, and we grow concerned about landfill wastage and pollution. Many of us have not been able to use our keep cups in our local cafes and we…