Antarctic Ice is Melting Faster Than Ever

Over the past five years, the melting rate of Antarctic ice has tripled and could raise sea level by 25 cm in the absence of emergency operations.

According to two recent studies, the Antarctic ice is melting at a record-breaking rate, and subsequent sea level  increases may have disastrous consequences for cities around the world.

About 3 trillion tons of Antarctic ice has melted in the past 25 years. Since 2012, the loss of ice has tripled and sea level has risen by 3 mm in five years, a comprehensive study shows.

Another study warns that, melting ice may contribute more than 25 centimeters by 2070 and global sea level will rise by more than one meter, unless emergency action is taken within the next decade . This may eventually lead to an increase in sea level of approximately 3.5 meters across the entire southwest polar ice.

“We have long suspected that changes in Earth’s climate will affect the polar ice sheets. Thanks to our satellites our space agencies have launched, we can now track their ice losses and global sea level contribution with confidence”, said Prof Andrew Shepherd, from Leeds University.

He described the speed of melting as “surprising.”

He added, “This must be why we believe in protecting our coastal cities and communities”.  

Michelle Li
Michelle Li

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