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Litter Levels In Ireland Worst in 10 Years

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / October 21, 2021

Ireland has a reputation for rolling green hills and stunning landscapes- but according to the Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) association its towns and cities need to shape up.   The organisation has recently released the findings of their latest litter survey, and the results are not flattering. Litter levels in Irish cities are the […]


5 Most Haunted Places in Ireland

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / October 19, 2021

Ireland is often stereotyped as a land full of rainbows and fairies, but for every delightful folktale there is an equally dark legend lurking. Here we take a look at some of the island’s darkest offerings with these five haunted locations. Malahide Castle Malahide Castle, the 12th century seat of the Talbot family in north […]


What’s Behind the Mica Protests in Dublin?

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / October 14, 2021

If the phrase “Mica redress” had not yet come your way this year, then you will have likely heard all about it by now after a demonstration was held in the nation’s capital last Friday, the 9th of October. It is clear that it is an issue that has inflamed the passions of a vocal […]


10 Best ‘Distinctly’ Irish TV Shows

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / October 12, 2021

When former British Media Minister John Whittingdale included popular comedy Derry Girls in his list of ‘distinctly British’ TV shows there was much eye-brow raising from both the cast and crew, and the general Irish public. Taking inspiration from Mr Whittingdale, we’ve created this list of our top ten shows that are distinctly Irish. Normal […]


Are We Headed for a Cash Free Ireland?

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / October 8, 2021

Ever since the coronavirus hit, there has been a worldwide surge in card and contactless payment methods. This was partly due to (now disproven) worries that exchanging cash hand-to-hand would spread the illness, and partly because of the amount of people who began shopping at home during lockdowns. For most this has been hugely convenient, […]


10 Best Dates For the Next Irish Bank Holiday

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / October 5, 2021

On the 29th of September Fine Gael tweeted a link to a new poll on their website, asking people to weigh in on a possible date for a new Irish Bank Holiday. One suggestion promoted by the party was a day off to celebrate Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday that takes place during the last […]


Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best Healthcare in Ireland

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / September 30, 2021

Making the choice to relocate abroad, be it long-term or short-term, brings with it a lot of logistical planning. A pretty much universal top priority is ensuring that your health will be taken care of in your new home and now more than ever, you’ll want to be thoroughly familiar with the health system and […]


Robert Emmet: Ireland’s most Romantic Rebel

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / September 28, 2021

Although it can now celebrate almost a century of independence, Ireland is a country with a bit of a reputation for failed rebellions. Even the famed 1916 Easter Rising could technically be considered a failure, given that most of its leaders were caught and executed within days. However, there is one doomed Irish patriot whose […]


5 Best Ways to Find Bicycles in Dublin

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / September 23, 2021

Cycling is one of the greenest ways to get around, not to mention the benefits exercise has for your physical and mental health. It’s also decidedly cheaper to own a bike than it is to run a car or even take public transport, but that doesn’t mean making the initial investment can’t seem daunting. That’s […]


6 Famous Irish Fashion Designers

By Caoilfhinn Hegarty / September 21, 2021

Six Influential Irish Fashion Designers   Discover six of the most famous Irish designers whose flair for fashion left a mark on the industry   London, Paris and Milan might be regularly touted as European fashion capitals, but did you know there was also a world of style history on the Emerald Isle?  Since the […]

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