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Conor Lynch

I am a Spanish-speaking aspiring Irish journalist with strong published experience in Irish regional newspapers. Also a substantial amount of live and pre-recorded on-air radio experience at establishments such as Limerick's regional radio station Live95FM. I am focused and determined with an incredibly strong work-ethic, and am determined to forge a career in the media. I am aiming to obtain employment in Broadcast Media, with my ultimate goal being to become a Sports Commentator and a Radio DJ. Young, highly-driven, ambitious aspiring journalist.


Radio in Ireland: Why is radio so appealing to the Irish?

By Conor Lynch / June 1, 2020

Just what exactly is it that makes radio so appealing to the Irish? Is it the chatty nature of it? The companionship it offers? Its relatability? Or might it simply be due to the fact that radio (as well as TV) has the power to distract you from, well, reality, I guess. Of course, each […]


Culture shocks for the Irish in Spain: My personal experience

By Conor Lynch / May 28, 2020

From regular lobster-esque sunburn to the all-too-familiar “are you from London” question, let’s just say life in Spain hasn’t been all rosy since my move from Galway to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, back in June of 2018. Culture shock after culture shock has constantly dominated my Spanish life so far. Not to mention the […]


The absence of sport in Ireland: Just how has it affected us?

By Conor Lynch / May 26, 2020

Exactly two months and two days have gone by since Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar made the decision to temporarily shut down all forms of sport across the country. Make no mistake about it, the absence of sport in Ireland has made life for Irish sport lovers particularly difficult throughout this lockdown period. Not only has […]


Irish banter-based humour: What makes it so unique?

By Conor Lynch / May 25, 2020

Dark and unapologetic in nature, the banter-based Irish sense of humour is, well, simply quite special. Add a splash of self-deprecation and slagging into the mix and voilá. Irish banter-based humour is certainly unique. Rest assured you will scarcely find a kind of humour like it. A humour that defines a nation the way the […]


Jack’s COVID-19 music self-care

By Conor Lynch / May 22, 2020

County Cork-born musician Jack O’Rourke has certainly made the most of his time spent in lockdown during this global pandemic, indulging in what one can call a COVID-19 music self-care journey. Secondary school teacher by day, O’Rourke now has the time to turn his attention to his eclectic music with influences ranging from blues to […]

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