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Conor Lynch

I am a Spanish-speaking aspiring Irish journalist with strong published experience in Irish regional newspapers. Also a substantial amount of live and pre-recorded on-air radio experience at establishments such as Limerick's regional radio station Live95FM. I am focused and determined with an incredibly strong work-ethic, and am determined to forge a career in the media. I am aiming to obtain employment in Broadcast Media, with my ultimate goal being to become a Sports Commentator and a Radio DJ. Young, highly-driven, ambitious aspiring journalist.


Che Guevara’s historic Irish connection

By Conor Lynch / July 6, 2020

One may certainly be forgiven for not knowing about Che Guevara’s historic Irish connection. Perhaps for the majority of you reading this, it may come as a surprise to learn that an interesting connection exists between Argentine political revolutionist Che Guevara and our very own land of Ireland. It might also be a shock to […]


Irish beaches you simply must visit

By Conor Lynch / June 30, 2020

When one thinks about Ireland, a couple of things spring to mind: Guinness, friendly and hospitable people, and a lot of rain. Often overlooked are the hidden gems of Irish beaches that our small island possesses.  Understandably so, seeing as we (if lucky) get, I would say, around a full month of complete sunshine year […]


The magic of Irish primary school life

By Conor Lynch / June 25, 2020

From unforgettable school tours to the almost over-joyed level of excitement when a non-uniform day came around, Irish primary school life was and no-doubt still is quite eventful. Words that I would typically associate with primary school life in Ireland would be healthiness, happiness, and a whole lot of fun and excitement. Let’s get into […]


The slow but steady return of Gaeilge in Ireland

By Conor Lynch / June 18, 2020

Honesty: who wants it? Hands up! Okay, okay! A little secret: the truth is that, these days, almost every Irish person will scoff at the common “do you speak or know any Irish” question. Quite sad really when you think about it, isn’t it? Quite sad it is that the beautiful Gaeilge language, for various […]


Opinion: The five most iconic Irish TV shows to-date

By Conor Lynch / June 10, 2020

From the incredibly successful, culturally-defining Father Ted to the mightily popular drama Love/Hate, it’s fair to say Ireland has seen its fair share of brilliantly produced TV shows over the years. Of course, because it’s Ireland we’re talking about, humour-based shows will be prominent within my personal opinion-based elite list here.  1. Father Ted C’mon […]


We Irish sure are fond of a cuppa!

By Conor Lynch / June 9, 2020

We sure are fond of an aul cuppa here and there, aren’t we? You simply cannot be Irish or live in Ireland and not drink tea, sure you can’t?! Let’s face it, Ireland is barely half the country it is without tea, and without a “ah sure gwan will ya, I’ll stick the kettle on […]


Leaving Cert 2020 cancellation: Main questions that should be asked

By Conor Lynch / June 5, 2020

Following the perhaps controversial decision by Ireland’s Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh to scrap this year’s Leaving Certificate on Friday, May 8, many questions have been raised since by the Irish public. For safety reasons, the decision made was, of course, the most sensible one. However, this article will now shed light on […]


What “bye” actually means in Ireland

By Conor Lynch / June 4, 2020

“Goodbye? Duh!” That’s the conclusion that a typical grammar clever-clogs might reach. Not quite, though. I mean, literally speaking, this grammar clever-clog is certainly correct in his or her judgement, but if you’re Irish-ly speaking, then they are quite a significantly far distance away from being right. Read on to find out the truth behind […]

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