Conor Lynch

Conor Lynch

Che Guevara’s historic Irish connection

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One may certainly be forgiven for not knowing about Che Guevara’s historic Irish connection. Perhaps for the majority of you reading this, it may come as a surprise to learn that an interesting connection exists between Argentine political revolutionist Che…

Irish beaches you simply must visit

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When one thinks about Ireland, a couple of things spring to mind: Guinness, friendly and hospitable people, and a lot of rain. Often overlooked are the hidden gems of Irish beaches that our small island possesses.  Understandably so, seeing as…

The magic of Irish primary school life

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From unforgettable school tours to the almost over-joyed level of excitement when a non-uniform day came around, Irish primary school life was and no-doubt still is quite eventful. Words that I would typically associate with primary school life in Ireland…

What “bye” actually means in Ireland

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“Goodbye? Duh!” That’s the conclusion that a typical grammar clever-clogs might reach. Not quite, though. I mean, literally speaking, this grammar clever-clog is certainly correct in his or her judgement, but if you’re Irish-ly speaking, then they are quite a…