A breakdown of Ireland’s Top 10 songs in Top 50 Spotify music chart – June 2020

From the long-awaited pop return of the one and only Lady Gaga to the potential song of the summer Breaking Me by German DJ, producer and musician Topic and Swedish producer A7S, it’s safe to say that the current state of Ireland’s Top 50 Spotify chart is, shall we say, rather eclectic. Let’s take a little look now at Ireland’s Top 50 Spotify chart as of the week of Monday, June 1, in particular, the top ten, in more detail. 

An Irish Spotify chart without Drake and The Weeknd? Nah! 

Can you imagine any Spotify-based Top 10 chart throughout the world without Drake or The Weeknd stopping by to say hi? It would be like your cat staying peacefully silent the whole day without even one meow. It simply just doesn’t happen! One thing’s for certain and that’s that us Irish sure are fond of the pair, and this week’s chart says no otherwise. 

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Despite strong new releases from the likes of S1mba and DTG, as well as the previously mentioned Topic and A7S, Drake’s feel-good, easy-to-listen-to Toosie Slide maintains its number six position with an impressive total of 42,061 daily plays from its Irish audience. Officially released by the Canadian superstar on April 3, the poppy R&B anthem has achieved consistency in maintaining its top 10 status in the Irish Top 50 Spotify chart. 

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Arguably The Weeknd’s strongest and most successful solo release to-date (and yes, I am not forgetting about Can’t Feel My Face!), Blinding Lights, which currently occupies the number three spot in the Top 10, has spent more consecutive weeks in the Irish Top 50 Spotify chart than Gavin James has spent in the heart of old Irish ladies everywhere. Quite a significant amount of weeks! As things stand, Blinding Lights might very well be on course to be the next Bad Guy, which mightily impressively still holds a Top 50 position in the Irish chart despite being released over a year ago. In case you’ve missed the Billie Eilish world takeover with her biggest hit to-date, check out why the Irish were so keen to download her Bad Guy phenomenon here. 

This week’s new entry plus a surprising number one

Despite one of pop’s most impressive collaborations in God knows how long, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s beautifully powerful blend of pop and R&B Rain On Me sits in second place, behind the men of the moment, DaBaby and Roddy Ricch with their summer-vibe tune ROCKSTAR

Although an absolute tune, I still find it hard to believe that Gags and Ariana aren’t the preferred choice of the Irish youth of today. Rain On Me is, in my opinion, Gaga at her absolute best, while Ariana’s slick R&B offering is a treat to the ears of any human being. The appeal of ROCKSTAR is, however, quite understandable. With vibes similar to those of Juice Wrld in Lucid Dreams, the arrival of the summer and the release of this song make the perfect match. Let’s see how long DaBaby and Roddy manage to fend off Gaga and Grande in this fascinating, albeit, slightly predictable Irish Top 50 Spotify music chart. Check out ROCKSTAR here. 

Icelandic singer Daoi Freyr’s Think About Things is this week’s new entry and oh boy what a tune! Amazingly, this song was intended to be Iceland’s Eurovision Song Contest entry. Something about the song has endeared the Irish, including myself. This might be due to the fact that the simple but beautiful song was written for the singer’s baby daughter. Endearing to say the least! Surely this song would have been crowned Eurovision 2020 winner, no? Check it out here and see if you agree. 

My personal Top 10 favourites

Dua Lipa. What can I say? The Hotter Than Hell star never fails to disappoint me. The British-born’s latest offering Break My Heart is the ultimate pop tune. Catchy, relatable, with an irresistible fun to sing along to background beat, this, to me, is even better than her previous Don’t Start Now and Physical releases. For me, this song deserves better treatment from the Irish. Number nine, to me, says that this song is most definitely underrated. Yes, Mrs Lipa is of course up against quite stiff competition, but the fact that a hardly recognisable Harry Styles sits two places above the British queen of pop at number seven with his weak offering of Watermelon Sugar irks me. Is this a case of style over substance for Mr Styles? I certainly think so. Check out Break My Heart here and who knows? Maybe you’ll even agree that Dua deserves to be higher than Mr Styles in this top ten list. 

Another personal Top 10 favourite of mine within this elite list is Topic and A7S’s Breaking Me which has this week climbed an impressive sixteen places to land at this week’s number ten. My predicted song of the summer 2020, the dance-based boppy beat is one that the majority wouldn’t mind putting on repeat driving home from work on a blissfully sunny Friday evening. Whatever you do today, make sure to listen to Breaking Me here. Let me assure you that this decision will make your day that little more fulfilling. 

SAINt JHN and Imanbek’s Roses remix is not only my second favourite song of the year so far, but is always my number one song on my dance playlist. If you’re in the mood for a sneaky dance, or if you’re a radio DJ looking for that perfect background music bed, then this incredible remix is your go-to. Originally released by Guyanese-American rapper SAINt JHN back in 2016, Kazakh DJ and record producer Imanbek then cleverly remixed the song in September of 2019. Thankfully both versions have received some global recognition now. Check the remix, which sits at number four, out here

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