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4 Times actors butchered an Irish accent

By Laura Varley / November 18, 2020

When you think of an Irish accent, you may think of rural, “culchie” Mayo, the lilt of Corkonians, the slightly inaudible people of Kerry. It might be the selectively deep and selectively high-pitched Northern accents or the many multitude of Dublin brogue. You could be a D4, South-side, North Side and so on. The point […]


8 Passports with excellent perks

By Laura Varley / November 14, 2020

Up until a few months ago the conversation on Brexit dominated the news. Talk of backstops, trade deals and limited travel coupled with endless negotiations made most outlets seem devoid of other topics. But the Coronavirus ended that. Suddenly it seemed every news story on the planet had been relegated to make way for virus […]


A Guide to Galway’s take-away options during Covid-19

By Laura Varley / November 10, 2020

Galway City has some of the best restaurants in Ireland, with options for every palate. Unfortunately the return to Level 5 Covid restrictions has forced businesses to close their doors once again, but many are now offering take-away meals. For those of us who desperately miss eating out, or not having to cook, having your […]


6 easy tips to help you avoid the common cold

By Laura Varley / November 5, 2020

As we get deeper into winter and the nights get darker and colder, many of us will come down with the common cold. In any other year, the common cold, for the majority of people would just be “one of those things.” We would catch it, stock up on lemsip and wobble through the week, […]


What to make of shops supplying only “essential” items

By Laura Varley / November 2, 2020

Since returning to level 5 lockdown it has become clear that not everything is the same as it was the first time around. Schools and child-care facilities remain open, elite and professional sports carry on behind closed doors and support bubbles have been established to protect the isolated and vulnerable. But one of the more […]


9 Powerful Songs about Immigration

By Laura Varley / October 29, 2020

Immigration, be it voluntary or forced, is always a contentious issue. The majority of people will have discussed it, many of us at length and the disparity between opinions can span the width of a continent. From this discourse, creative types often find inspiration, in the form of art, literature, film and music, with the […]


The Experience of wait-staff during Covid-19

By Laura Varley / October 24, 2020

Covid-19 has hit the earth like a proverbial asteroid. And much like the dinosaurs surely did, we are scrambling around trying to get our bearings. All sectors of Irish society have been hit and restaurant workers in particular are constantly waiting for another, inevitable blow. Since the conception of this article and the interview, Ireland […]


7 Reasons why a second lockdown will be easier

By Laura Varley / October 21, 2020

Well it has happened, like I think we all knew it would, we are back in Level 5 Lockdown. Bars and restaurants are closed save for takeaways, hairdressers and regular retailers have shut their doors once again and life has come to a grinding halt. It’s difficult and upsetting that we are in this position, […]


9 Exciting Up & Coming Irish Artists

By Laura Varley / October 19, 2020

This year has been, for lack of a better word, atypical. Life doesn’t really run the way it used to. Most of us now work from home, students attend college online and sports are largely played behind closed doors. The Arts sector in particular has been restricted to the point of closure and forced online […]


4 Ways over-exposure takes the buzz out of Christmas

By Laura Varley / October 17, 2020

Christmas is a time of the year when children and adults alike can give in to the merrier side of themselves. From the twinkling multi-coloured lights, to the cinnamon-scented drinks, candles and crafts, Christmas is delightfully all-consuming for those few weeks in December. As a person who starts thinking about Christmas in July, I more […]

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