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Laura is a graduate of NUIG, writes freelance and is an avid follower of Mayo football, the Arts and current affairs.


9 Powerful Songs about Immigration

By Laura Varley / October 29, 2020

Immigration, be it voluntary or forced, is always a contentious issue. The majority of people will have discussed it, many of us at length and the disparity between opinions can span the width of a continent. From this discourse, creative types often find inspiration, in the form of art, literature, film and music, with the […]


The Experience of wait-staff during Covid-19

By Laura Varley / October 24, 2020

Covid-19 has hit the earth like a proverbial asteroid. And much like the dinosaurs surely did, we are scrambling around trying to get our bearings. All sectors of Irish society have been hit and restaurant workers in particular are constantly waiting for another, inevitable blow. Since the conception of this article and the interview, Ireland […]


7 Reasons why a second lockdown will be easier

By Laura Varley / October 21, 2020

Well it has happened, like I think we all knew it would, we are back in Level 5 Lockdown. Bars and restaurants are closed save for takeaways, hairdressers and regular retailers have shut their doors once again and life has come to a grinding halt. It’s difficult and upsetting that we are in this position, […]


9 Exciting Up & Coming Irish Artists

By Laura Varley / October 19, 2020

This year has been, for lack of a better word, atypical. Life doesn’t really run the way it used to. Most of us now work from home, students attend college online and sports are largely played behind closed doors. The Arts sector in particular has been restricted to the point of closure and forced online […]


4 Ways over-exposure takes the buzz out of Christmas

By Laura Varley / October 17, 2020

Christmas is a time of the year when children and adults alike can give in to the merrier side of themselves. From the twinkling multi-coloured lights, to the cinnamon-scented drinks, candles and crafts, Christmas is delightfully all-consuming for those few weeks in December. As a person who starts thinking about Christmas in July, I more […]


10 pay-to-enter writing competitions

By Laura Varley / October 12, 2020

I previously wrote an article, which you can find here, about the wide variety of free-to-enter writing competitions. Initially, the plan was to include paid and free examples, but so vast were the options, I decided to write two separate articles. Like it’s free counterpart, there are numerous pay-to-enter writing competitions currently seeking submissions. Rather […]


6 Ways to prevent your glasses from fogging up

By Laura Varley / October 8, 2020

Glasses. A simple yet ingenious invention designed to help us visually deficient people to see. It isn’t rocket science, you pop them on and go about your day, enjoying the lack of blurriness. And then Covid-19 hit, which anyone who wears glasses will tell you, has made the process a minefield of inconvenience. For now, […]


The Danger of Halloween Fireworks

By Laura Varley / October 5, 2020

Fireworks, beautiful and vibrant, are frequently used to ring in the new year, celebrate new beginnings and make people smile. The kaleidoscopic chaos that ensues can be so mesmerising it is easy to forget just how dangerous they can be. Every year medical personnel, the Gardai and the fire department are forced to deal with […]


10 free-to-enter writing competitions

By Laura Varley / October 3, 2020

  When Covid-19 first hit much of what we knew and how we lived changed. Cinemas were closed, eating out harshly curtailed and most forms of socialisation cancelled. A silver-lining, to a very dark period in history, has been a return to traditional hobbies, such as cooking, gardening and craft-making. Writing too has seen a […]


5 Inspiring spiritual sites in Ireland

By Laura Varley / September 28, 2020

    When travelling abroad you get the chance to view the royal splendours of the world. The Doge’s palace in Venice, Schonbrunn in Vienna, Versailles in France. Their long established histories of Monarchies and Emperors wrought them incomparable architectural wonders and though Ireland could never rival this, we have something in abundance. For Ireland […]

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