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Leora Mansoor


The Tastiest Falafel in Dublin: Do Falafel

By Leora Mansoor / October 21, 2019

Do Falafel is a small little joint on Richmond Street with a green sign on the outside that boldly states it’s name. It’s been on the scene for about five years but has been under the new management of Amet now for just under a year. Amet, from Syria, has been living here for 12 […]


Ireland Island Series: The Beasts of the East

By Leora Mansoor / October 21, 2019

We’re picking up from where we left off on the North coast of our Ireland Island Series and kicking off this second edition with some absolute beasts from the East. You know, those beauties that are nice and accessible for Dubliners, rich enough for the history buffs, hipster enough for the hikers and of course, […]


Top 5 events for 20th of October in Dublin

By Leora Mansoor / October 20, 2019

As we all well know, Sunday comes for us all. So let’s try and do this one right. We’ve compiled a list for you with the perfect combination of low maintenance and exciting things to do that’ll brighten up the last day of your weekend. We hope you enjoy. Happy Sunday 20th folks! 1. Dublin […]


Ireland Island Series: The Best of the North

By Leora Mansoor / October 17, 2019

Fancy a trip away from the mainland? Somewhere where the grass is probably greener and the sea can be seen at all times? Well look no further – for your research I mean – because we’ve done that for you. The islands themselves are probably not actually within your scope of vision right now…. And […]


Celtic Ghost Towns: The Estates Ireland Forgot About

By Leora Mansoor / October 16, 2019

From churches to barnyards, outhouses, factories and unidentified piles of stone. All you have to do is drive through Ireland to know that it’s a graveyard of ruins. They seemed so romantic and mysterious to me as a child. I remember how I would implore my dad to stop the car and let me out, […]


Top 5 for 12th October

By Leora Mansoor / October 12, 2019

Happy Saturday Dubliners! Boy have we got some juicy events for you today. We’ve got techno, we’ve got female EDM collectives, artisan food and drink fairs, comic fairs and pretty out there gigs. Here’s our top five events for the 12th October! Nightcap x Mutate: Volvox  Get yourself down to Kaizens to listen to one […]


The Favourite Pubs of Dublin’s Irish writers: A Guide

By Leora Mansoor / October 10, 2019

Here is a list we’ve compiled of the Dublin pubs that are known to have been frequented by many of our beloved Irish writers. Of course they had regular haunts. They were Dubliners. They needed to be in the thick of it, gathering inspiration from a tipple or two and overheard conversations. Now what was […]


Plan the perfect day trip from Dublin

By Leora Mansoor / October 9, 2019

If you’re tired of city life and are looking for the perfect location for a day trip from Dublin, whether it’s by the sea, in the mountains or satisfying the inner history buff in you, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some of the most wonderful, whimsical and easily affordable adventures you […]


Dublin ‘s Thriving Street Art Scene

By Leora Mansoor / October 8, 2019

If walls could talk in a city like Dublin, they would tell you the story of a rich and vibrant history, rooted in creativity in the face of hardships and adversity. From the great writers of old to the no less controversial artists of new who are using the walls of our city as a […]


The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Dublin

By Leora Mansoor / October 3, 2019

When you’re far away from home, sometimes the best thing you can do, other than cry over pictures of your beautiful country until you’re over it, is eat. And by ‘eat’ I don’t mean stuffing your face with Pringles or whatever the hell Lay’s chips are. I mean eat the real stuff. The mouthwatering food […]

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