8 Things to carry if you are moving to Ireland from India

Are you moving to Ireland from India? 

If you are, I’m sure you’ll be wondering which things to carry from India. Don’t worry, I have you covered. 

Moving away from your home country, your comfort zone, is always a big step and takes courage! There are certain things I wish I knew before coming to Ireland. So, keep reading to know the must-brings when on the move to Ireland.

Most importantly, don’t try to get everything from India and overstuff your bags, as some things are affordable here!

Here are 8 important things you’ll be needing in Ireland ranging from food to clothes!

1. Indian Spices

Spices are the most important thing you’ll need in Ireland. So, do get enough stock of your favourite biryani, curry, and gravy masalas. 

If you are a big foodie like I am, make sure you carry masalas for your favourite dishes like pav bhaji masala, dabeli masala, and so on.


Of course, you’ll find most of the Indian spices at your Asian market in the city center, but you will end up emptying your pockets! 

Additionally, for all of you Maggi lovers, do carry abundant stock of Maggi masala. You will find an alternative to it at the Asian store, but, personally, it’s not the same.

2. Utensils

While you’ll get all sorts of utensils here, like pressure cookers, saucepans, and frying pans, my advice is to get at least one cooker and a pan. The rates for the cookware are pretty expensive; also, the quality and durability will be different from the Indian cookwares. 

When purchasing cookware, make sure you get the induction-based utensils. In Ireland, most of the households have induction hobs for cooking. Some houses might have gas burners, but the chances are very slim.

Also, most houses do provide utensils, if you are planning to rent, which is why there is no need to carry spatulas, spoons, forks, and bowls. In case they are not provided, do not get worked up: they will be easily available at your nearest store with quite affordable rates. 

3. European Adaptor / Travel Adaptor

The plug sockets in Ireland are different than the ones we use in India. So, make sure to carry a compatible travel adaptor. I forgot to carry mine from India and had to use my friend’s charger for two days. 

In the event you forget your adaptor, you can also purchase them at the airport although you will end up paying a sliver more. I would also suggest buying an extension cord/spike guard as well, so that you can charge your different electronics at once. 

4. Thermals

The weather in Ireland is pretty unpredictable. If you are arriving in the winter period, the weather temperature will range from 4-6°C and, occasionally, it drops below freezing. Do make sure to carry at least two sets of thermals to suffice you in this unbearable cold.

You can layer up the thermals underneath your clothes to help you keep warm. In addition to thermals, it’s also a brilliant idea to carry socks, scarf, and gloves as you won’t be hitting the stores on arrival.

You can also carry a raincoat, if you like, as it will help to face the strong winds and occasional rains.

5. Eye glasses

If you are someone who wears glasses or contact lenses, do not forget – I repeat do not forget – to bring glasses which are in newly prescribed condition from India. I would suggest carrying a spare pair of glasses as well. 

Glasses 1

If you prefer wearing contact lenses, carry good stock for a few months along with the lens solution. Of course, you will find everything here; however, the costs of glasses and lenses will be extremely high. The rates for the glasses start from over 100 euros depending on the quality of the glasses.

Moreover, bring your prescription along with you in case you need to get checked.

6. Basic Medication 

Most importantly, bring your basic medicines required for cold, fever, or flu from India. Also, carry basic painkillers and ointments, if required.

I cannot stress this enough, do not leave your house without Volini, or Moov pain relief spray. You will not find it here!

Also, carry your doctor’s prescription of the medicines you’ll be carrying or needing in future because visiting a doctor to get a prescription will cost you at least 50 euros.

7. Clothes

Everyone has their favourite apparel. But, trust me when I say this, when packing, do not overstuff your bags with abundant clothes. 

Winter clothes take up a lot of space in your bags, so be wise and pack a fair amount of clothes. However, winter jackets are much cheaper in Ireland and are made to sustain the weather here. 

8. Health/Dental Check-Up

Lastly, speaking from personal experience, make sure you have a proper health and dental check-up. Since you might be staying alone here, health scares can be quite terrifying and time-consuming. Also, consider to have a thorough dental check-up since the dental fees here are extremely high. The amount for basic health and dental check-up will be 50 euros, which of course will differ as per the clinics.

So, to wrap it up, when moving to Ireland from India consider the 8 above points to make an informed decision. Don’t fret so much if you forget things: your family and friends can always send a package from India. It’s very important to enjoy the experience and joy of living in a new country. I hope this information helps you and you have a wonderful time here in Ireland!

Priyal Vadgama
Priyal Vadgama


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