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Disco revolution: how disco liberated society in the 1970s

By Rachel McLoughlin / January 15, 2021

The emergence and subsequent disappearance of disco music in the 1970s has now come to be known as one of the most defining cultural eras in music history. The genre took the world by storm, but the epicentre of disco music and its origins can be traced back to major US cities like Philadelphia, New […]


5 free apps to help boost your productivity this January

By Rachel McLoughlin / January 11, 2021

All too often, the start of any new year is filled with a heap of expectations of increased productivity levels; yet, by the middle of January, our motivation can tend to wane. While no smartphone app is going to transform your productivity output overnight, there are a few gems out there to help you with […]


The major benefits of foreign language learning: is Ireland lagging behind?

By Rachel McLoughlin / January 7, 2021

The benefits of multilingualism have long been established within the world of linguistics and beyond; however, in Ireland we fall behind on foreign language learning significantly compared to other European countries. At present, Ireland is the only European country wherein studying at least one foreign language at primary school level is not compulsory and generally […]


4 helpful tips for reducing your carbon footprint in 2021

By Rachel McLoughlin / December 31, 2020

Another new year brings with it a sense of a fresh start on the horizon, the feeling of turning the page to another chapter in our lives wondering what the next twelve months will bring. Every year, our hopes and aspirations for the new year are jotted down in our shiny new planners (and at […]


4 excellent tips for staying mindful over the Christmas period

By Rachel McLoughlin / December 23, 2020

Christmas is generally viewed as a joyful and fun-filled time of year, spent with loved ones, exchanging gifts and festive cheer. However, Christmastime can also be a tough time of year for many, owing to several factors like financial strain or loneliness; for those without close relationships with family or friends, the holidays can be […]