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Irish music through the decades

By Sean Quigley / June 29, 2020

Many people think of Irish music as traditional only: country style music with an orchestra of traditional instruments, mostly singing rebel songs. The truth couldn’t be further away, however. Over the last 50 years, music in Ireland has had an explosion of talent in many genres. The 70s saw the dawn of punk music and […]


10 best Irish plays

By Sean Quigley / June 26, 2020

Theatre does something that no other medium can do. While a good film can draw you in, a play can create a physical world right in front of you. In some cases, they make you a part of the show. Theatre has been at the heart of Irish arts for decades, and most plays have […]


The Irish movie guide

By Sean Quigley / June 25, 2020

Ireland became a major filming location in recent years but has a long, rich history of cinema. Among many reasons, movies stick around because of their relevance, their accuracy and their ability to tap into the hearts and minds of the audience. While some are better off forgotten, many others have managed to stand the […]


10 hidden places in Ireland

By Sean Quigley / June 24, 2020

While many are satisfied with a visit to the capital and surrounding areas, finding your favourite hidden places in Ireland can be as simple as stepping off the beaten track. Here we look at just a few of these hidden gems. Ireland is famous for its friendly locals and the colour green. These might be […]