From its roots in the remote banks of the Mississippi to New Orleans, such a genre like the Blues can’t help but settle in one of the most musically advanced countries, Ireland, too. 

Although with its limits and eternally feeling of eviction from its importance and perhaps too often compared to Jazz, the great ancestor of rock, the grandpa of soul and the great inspiration for all the music, carves out some special night of genuine music in Dublin.

Unfortunately, many Blues nights and venues are highly associated with the jazz ones. 

Do not despair, in addition to those very famous jazz venues like Arthur’s Pub, The Grand Social and The International Bar or the Leeson Lounge (for further reading, have a look at our article here), we found some tiny and welcoming places where you can listen to some real Blues vibes:

The Spirit Storespirit store

Ok, truth be told: this is not exactly in Dublin, but still is probably one of the best places where to listen to some great blues artist of international fame. The Spirit Store is a bit out of the way but defends its heritage quite fiercely. Opened as a pub from two friends, now grown a less chaotic place, is a great live music venue where is possible to enjoy a great beer while listening to some great artist like Carvin Jones. NB: Remeber to book your ticket in advance!

The Workman’s Clubworkmen

The Workman’s Club is a very famous live venue and club in Dublin. Although its reputation of being infamous for the Djset and rock music gigs, it sometimes hosts great Blues artists to spice up the night and donate to its fans those scratching guitar riff and warming soul voices.
However, the Blues nights can change according to the gigs date and the hour of performances. 


This is what at a first sight, can look like a normal traditional Irish pub. Indeed it is. However, it hides a great passion for the blues night. With its multiple rooms and floors, it hosts great artists from the Irish scenario and not. For all the blues fans, take a note: Sunday it’s your day of the week. Grab a beer and enjoy the flow. 

The Sugar Clubsugar

Formerly a Theatre, the Sugar Club is probably one of the best venues of Dublin. Hosting mostly afro-beat and soul artists from all over the world, this venue has someplace also for some Blues and jazz harmonies. Mind to check their website first, its calendar is quite full and rich in opportunities for listening to some fine music. 

Darkey Kelly’s dakey

In the heart of Dublin, this very well known pub offers some very fine Blues nights, especially on Tuesday. Most of the musicians are from the local area and they mirror a music tradition passed on from generation to generation. As a live music venue, with a warm, yet vibrant atmosphere, the Darkey Kelly’s will not disappoint: just, grab a seat and have a nice glass of fine Irish whiskey while enjoying the proper sesh of live iridescent and authentic Blues. 

The Tolka Housetolka

Tolka House is mostly well known to be a Gastro Pub. But being a pub as such, it can not host live music during the week. In fact, with a very full and busy calendar, this place hosts some very peculiar nights. The Blues ones are usually on Saturday, however, it might happen to be on Thursday, according to the availability.  With their guitars and scratching notes, the interpreters of this great genre are ready to offer you great gigs.

Carlotta Cutrale
Carlotta Cutrale

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