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Let the egg-sperts talk: two Easter menus for your quarantine.

By Carlotta Cutrale / April 9, 2020

With this quarantine, you might have lost track of time and you haven’t realised this Sunday is already Easter! We understand the feeling and we are totally on board with the haziness of going to any Lidl (within 2kms, of course) and start buying literally everything (By the way, no do not do this!). To […]


Paying attention to relaxation: Meditate under COVID-19

By Carlotta Cutrale / March 26, 2020

Meditation and relaxation exercises can be beneficial during these unusual times we are living. We decided to round up the most common and useful relaxation and meditation secrets to help you get through your lockdown.  The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways, but stress and anxiety have a pretty common impact. Whether or […]


Top 4 things you can do for this weird St Patrick’s Day

By Carlotta Cutrale / March 17, 2020

Happy Paddy’s Day to everyone all over the fearless and strong Emerald Isle and all over the world. This is for sure an extremely unprecedented weird circumstance for a St Patrick’s Day! But do not despair, we tried to come up with a curious list of interesting things you can do at home while keeping […]


Top 5 Events for the 8th of March in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / March 8, 2020

The 8th of March is here and International Women’s Day is celebrated also in Dublin. This Sunday, today, take part not only in the unlimited list of events dedicated to Women’s Day, from speeches to protests but also in many of the suggestions offered by this vibrant city and its locals. Check our top 5 […]


Top 5 events Thursday, 5th of March in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / March 5, 2020

These weird sunny days are a proper equivalent of the mighty spring on its way. Make the most out of them in such a vibrant city like Dublin! If you don’t want to miss out all the great events, have a look at this list with the top 5 events happening in Dublin for this […]


Top 5 events on Friday, the 28th of February in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 28, 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining and every dreadful week has a fun Friday. Put all the work faces away and start to have a look at this amazing Top 5 list of events taking place in Dublin for this craved beginning of the weekend. Dance out and sing out loud the week stress by […]


Top 5 Events on Sunday, the 23rd of February

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 23, 2020

Raise and shine! Dublin’s Sundays are full of surprises and events ranging from musical ones to cheeky smiles to end up your weekend and start your week with the right attitude.  We prepared a Top 5 of events for this Sunday, the 23rd of February. The Marcus King Band Enjoy the richness and depth of […]


Top 5 events for the 8th of February in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 8, 2020

Feeling like you want to variate your casual Saturday? Today Dublin is filled with music events, concerts, gigs and live sessions, ready to make you jamming, jumping and shaking. Enjoy this day of the weekend with your friend or be ready to make new ones (Speedfriending Festival!!).  Check this top 5 events in Dublin for […]


Renting in Ireland: all the info you need to know

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 6, 2020

Renting in Ireland is the first thing you might want to do after you move. The best solution is to take a room for rent or even a house. Check this overview on renting in Ireland.  You might have found a job in Ireland but you are still looking for a place to stay. It’s a […]


Top 5 events for the 4th of February in Dublin

By Carlotta Cutrale / February 4, 2020

Feeling like diversifying your beginning of the week? Check this top 5 events to do in Dublin, for today, the 4th of February. Take a sad day and make it better! That’s what “Hey Jude” should have been about! Don’t despair, Babylon found for you a selection of 5 events, from live gigs to comedy […]

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