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5 Tips for Managing Your Finances During the Coronavirus Crisis

By Lucía Ramírez / April 24, 2020

A lot of economic and financial consequences have arise in the world during the Covid pandemic. Many markets were forced to close and people had to make some big financial changes, for instance. Since the problem is likely to become more serious as the disease evolves and spreads, the question is: how can I manage […]


Earth Day: Positive effects of Coronavirus

By Tami Pereira / April 22, 2020

These days, it seems like only bad news is allowed. This crisis is freaking us out more than ever but, as the proverb says, every cloud has a silver lining! Humanity and the environment finally feel closer to each other after two centuries of the Industrial Revolution, solidarity is on the rise again and Planet […]


The First ‘Covid Art Museum’ Is Created

By Lucía Ramírez / April 17, 2020

The Covid Art Museum is an online museum that can easily be found on Instagram. It was founded by a group of creative publicists from Barcelona who want to exhibit the art produced during quarantine and show how people feel about this situation. The museum is also a way of transmitting messages of encouragement, reflection […]


#WorthSaving: Navigating Chronic Illness, Mental Health and Media Consumption in Coronavirus Times

By Callie Hardy / April 15, 2020

“It’s only dangerous for the most vulnerable”. You’ve probably heard someone, whether you know them personally or not, justify their lack of concern over the Coronavirus pandemic in this way. While technically true, this seemingly innocent sentence carries a much more dangerous idea: one that says that the most vulnerable are little more than collateral […]


Heroes of the quarantine

By Tami Pereira / April 6, 2020

Although the world appears to have stopped, a lot of people continue to do their bit for society. It can be said that this situation has split the population into two: the ones that still work and those who go out on their balconies to applaud them. Jokes aside, it’s time to reflect and show […]


Coronavirus: Did you know?

By Srekanth Nilakantan / March 30, 2020

    Did you know COVID-19 is likely to cost the economy $1 trillion during 2020? Did you know globally, the airline industry is set to lose $113bn? Did you know the oil price has slipped to 30$ per barrel? Did you know the UEFA EURO 2020 has been postponed to 2021? Did you know […]


Paying attention to relaxation: Meditate under COVID-19

By Carlotta Cutrale / March 26, 2020

Meditation and relaxation exercises can be beneficial during these unusual times we are living. We decided to round up the most common and useful relaxation and meditation secrets to help you get through your lockdown.  The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways, but stress and anxiety have a pretty common impact. Whether or […]


Fast food chains have temporarily closed their restaurants

By Peter Dlhopolec / March 23, 2020

Costa Coffee and Starbucks have taken the same step due to COVID-19.  Several big fast food and coffee chains, including McDonald’s, have decided to suspend their operation amid the COVID-19 outbreak. South African chain Nando’s closed its restaurants on March 22 until further notice saying the health and safety of its employees and customers is […]

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